Ten Worth Visiting Cole Flowers Sites

From the end of February to the end of April, China is embracing the warm spring. Many places are covered with flower seas. The cole flowers are usually planted by farmers and can often be seen in many places. Often they are planted at the same time, the fields form a beautiful spring scroll.

While the spring is on, why not take a look at the wild nature and appreciate the cole flower seas? Let us see the ten worth visiting cole flowers sites in China.

No.1 Hanzhong, Shaanxi

Hanzhong Basin is a traditional cole flowers planting and production base. March 20 to April 15 every year is the best season for watching the flower seas.


No.2 Wuyuan, Jiangxi

Wuyuan has a reputation of “Most Beautiful Village in China”. Every spring, the villages are decorated with yellow colors. With the Hui style architecture, the ancient houses and the cole flowers form attractive landscape.


No.3 Fengxian, Shanghai

Fengxian is the suburb area of Shanghai city. Now it is attracting more and more tourists during the end of March to the end of April.


No.4 Jingmen, Hubei

Around April, the fields are all covered with golden flowers. Besides, there are ancient towns, the first Cole Flower Culture Muesum.


No.5 Rui’an, Zhejiang

In Rui’an, there are large scales of cole flowers planted. The cole flowers, along with the rivers and hills make a beautiful painting.


No.6 Xinghua, Jiangsu

Xinghua is located at the north region of Yangtze River Delta. It is one of the most famous cole flowers planting area in China. The fields look like islands shining among the lake.


No.7 Tongnan, Chongqing

Tongnan Scenic Area is the only place where you can take boats to watch the flower seas in China.


No.8 Gaochun, Jiangsu

Gaochun is very near Nanjing city. As a rural area, you can also ride bikes, fish and walk to experience the rural lives.


No.9 Luoping, Yunnan

The cole flowers usually blossom very early in Luoping. Every year, Luoping International Cole Flowers Culture and Tourism Festival are held.


No.10 Menyuan, Qinghai

As the lastest place for the cole flowers to blossom, Menyuan usually embrace the flower seas from early July. It is the only place in China where you can watch the flower seas in summer time.


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Run in the Countryside-Wuyuan Marathon

Wuyuan is known as China’s Most Beautiful Village, especially in spring, when the cole flowers are in full blossom. With the temperature getting warm, the best season for a running race is approaching. It is the first time that a marathon race is held in Wuyuan.

2016 Wuyuan Marathon is held by Wuyuan County Government and Chinese Athletic Association. It is the first international marathon race held in Wuyuan County.

This time the race is arranged in May, the season neither cold nor hot in Wuyuan. It is a comfortable time for a healthy competition.

Time: May 15, 07:30 am

Start: Cultural Square

Terminus: Cultural Square

Rows: Full Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.0975), Mini Marathon (including family run, parent-offspring run, couple run and walking)

Number Limit: Full Marathon: 2000, Half Marathon: 3000, Mini Marathon: 10000.

Fees: Full Marathon: 100 RMB, Half Marathon: 80 RMB, Mini Marathon: 30 RMB (Chinese Citizenship).

50 USD (Expats)


Full Marathon: First Prize: 20000 RMB (Male or Female), Second Prize: 10000 RMB (Male or Female), Third Prize: 5000 RMB (Male or Female)

Half Marathon: First Prize: 5000 RMB (Male or Female), Second Prize: 3000 RMB (Male or Female), Third Prize: 2000 RMB (Male or Female)

Enrollment: http://wymarathon.com

Wuyuan Marathon Route




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Beautiful Shanghai in Spring

In 2015, Shanghai City invited Chinese famous actor Hugh to be the promotion ambassador of Shanghai travelling. Hugh was born in Shanghai and he said that Shanghai is a city with both modern images and traditional Chinese lifestyles. When he was young, Shanghai communities are crowded and neighbors are like families. Now many things have changed and Shanghai has grown into an international metropolitan.


As the ambassador of Shanghai travelling, he recommends the French Concession most. That area is a place with abundant culture and various buildings of European styles. French Concession area is a quiet and relaxing place in Shanghai among the modern land.


In spring, there are many sites you can go and visit. Here are some recommendations listed by Hugh:

No.1 Xuhui Riverside Avenue

The old ports have been removed. Along the avenue, there are parks where local residents take exercises and slow walking. In the future, more galleries and exhibition centers will be built.


No.2 Xujiahui Park

Xujiahui Park was built in 2000 and a rare Greenland within downtown area. The whole park is a small portion of Shanghai history. Some of the buildings were kept from the industrious era.


No.3 Jinjiang Amusement Park

In the past, Jinjiang Amusement Park was the only amusement place for some Shanghai residents. The symbol of the park is the ferris wheel which is still the highest one of Shanghai. At night, the romantic ferris wheel brings much pleasure and atmosphere.


No.4 Jing’an Sculpture Park

With the fountain, imaginary sculptures in the park; it is a theme park in downtown Shanghai. This park is the only open park in the central city. The many sculptures designed by artists are the characteristics of the park. Also, Shanghai New Nature Museum has been located here. It is a place suitable for couples in love.


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