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2012 Qinghai Lake Hiking Event Will Begin Since August 3

The most beautiful lake in China, Qinghai Lake(also known as Blue Lake), is located in Qinghai Province. It is the largest inner land lake and the biggest salt lake in China. According to the statistics issued by Qinghai Institute of … Continue reading

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Easy mandarin dialog, Top Summer Recipe<34>:**银耳莲子汤**Beautify Your Skin in the most Healthy Way

Structure 汉字 pinyin Pronunciation meaning Word 你的 ni3 de1 your Word 皮肤 pi 1 fu1 Skin sentence 变好了 bian4 hao3 le1 improve Word 用 yong4 use Word 护肤品 hu4 fu1 Pin3 skin care products Word 美容院 mei3 rong2 yuan4 beauty … Continue reading

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Be Aware of these Traps When Travel in China(2/2)

Trap in Shaolin Temple: Burn Incense is burning money  If you are a pious foreign Buddhist, be careful. If you are a pious Chinese Buddhist, be more careful. Before the niche in Shaolin Temple’s Daxiong Baodian(大雄宝殿), monks will hand you … Continue reading

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