Disney Station of Shanghai Metro in Operation

With the coming of Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, the mating transportation method of metro line is also in operation. Shanghai Metro recently announced that from 10 AM of April 26, the Disney Station of Metro Line 11 is to be ready. That will witness the overall operation of Metro Line 11.


But it is noted that Disneyland is not open to public. Visitors still have to wait until June 16 to enter the new Disneyland Resort. Disney Station is the terminus station of Metro Line 11. It was completed on Dec 19, 2015. But with the construction progress of Shanghai International Tourism Resort, only two stations of Xiuyan Road and Kangxin Highway are in operation.


After Disney Station is in operation, the first train will start from 6 AM, and last train at 10:30 PM towards North Jiading, 10:25 PM towards Anting, 10 PM towards Huaqiao. This is to match the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Usually the train towards suburbs closes at 10 PM.


The durations along the whole journey from North Jiading and Huaqiao to Disney Station are 1.5 hours and 1 hour and 50 minutes.


When the overall operation of Metro Line 11 is adopted, the highest price will be 10 RMB (from Huaqiao to Disney).

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