Run in the Countryside-Wuyuan Marathon

Wuyuan is known as China’s Most Beautiful Village, especially in spring, when the cole flowers are in full blossom. With the temperature getting warm, the best season for a running race is approaching. It is the first time that a marathon race is held in Wuyuan.

2016 Wuyuan Marathon is held by Wuyuan County Government and Chinese Athletic Association. It is the first international marathon race held in Wuyuan County.

This time the race is arranged in May, the season neither cold nor hot in Wuyuan. It is a comfortable time for a healthy competition.

Time: May 15, 07:30 am

Start: Cultural Square

Terminus: Cultural Square

Rows: Full Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.0975), Mini Marathon (including family run, parent-offspring run, couple run and walking)

Number Limit: Full Marathon: 2000, Half Marathon: 3000, Mini Marathon: 10000.

Fees: Full Marathon: 100 RMB, Half Marathon: 80 RMB, Mini Marathon: 30 RMB (Chinese Citizenship).

50 USD (Expats)


Full Marathon: First Prize: 20000 RMB (Male or Female), Second Prize: 10000 RMB (Male or Female), Third Prize: 5000 RMB (Male or Female)

Half Marathon: First Prize: 5000 RMB (Male or Female), Second Prize: 3000 RMB (Male or Female), Third Prize: 2000 RMB (Male or Female)


Wuyuan Marathon Route




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