Prince Bay Park of Hangzhou

Prince Bay Park is located at the south range of West Lake and it is part of West Lake Scenic Area. As a traditional landscaped garden, it is one of the most beautiful areas of Hangzhou. When spring comes, the park embraces the most fascinating period of the year.


Also known as Taiziwan Park in Chinese, it attracts a lot of visitors a year. In spring, the whole park is decorated with blossoming flowers and sakura is very lively. With its natural beauty and fine place for camping, many people visit the park to relax on weekends. You will also catch the sight of small rivers and far-off mountains. It is quite a paradise shining within the downtown of Hangzhou city.

The park covers a total area of more than 197 acres; it does not get too crowded during the peak season. In spring, sakura is in full blossom. And tulips are planted everywhere. Some kinds of roses are also seen in the park.


Aside from merely sightseeing, many people also go to Prince Bay Park to get married or hold other intimate gatherings. The park is, in fact, especially decorated with some special features to make it more suitable as a site for shooting wedding photos; these include recreational items that symbolize ‘unswerving allegiance’ and the act of ‘flying abreast of each other like birds in the sky’.

Due to the fine environment of the park, many weddings held there feature western style ceremonies. The typical ceremony begins with a lively wedding march, during which the bride and groom will walk through the bridge hand in hand as the bride holds a bouquet of fresh flowers in her hand. They will then make their way across the broad lawn of the garden where the church is located. In the church, the couple will position themselves on a red heart-shaped carpet.


During the ceremony, they will also release doves while holding colored ribbons in their hands. They will then take their places in a round table where the person designated as Miss Manners will provide them with a large bottle of champagne and red wedding cards. They will then perform the tradition called ‘union of wine cups’. Following the ceremony, the bride and the groom will ride a horse-drawn carriage, which will take them through the garden; there they will share wine with their relatives and friends. The ceremony ends here, and the couple will sit on a decorated chair and will be carried to a small house located in the park as well.


Due to its reputation as a wedding location, Prince Bay Park has attracted many couples from all over the country. The park has also become associated with love and romance, and its quaint ambiance certainly helps make it an even more touching and memorable place.

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