What to Expect for Shanghai Disneyland

It is already officially announced that Shanghai Disneyland will be open to public from June 16, 2016. This is large news in China. A brand new Disneyland world will be shown to China and the whole world. During that time, a celebration of several days will also be held.

As the third Disneyland in Asia, first in China, Shanghai Disneyland adopted typical Chinese styles in building the park. The officially planned to build an amusement park for the whole Chinese people, not only the children, but also the adults. Along with the Disneyland Hotel, the Disney area will become the highlight of Shanghai city. With the time passing by, the date when the mysterious park will be unfolded to public is approaching.

What can we expect for Shanghai Disneyland in 2016? Is there any new creativity in this huge land built for so many years? Let us take a look at all the focuses you are about to witness:

  1. The world’s tallest and largest Disneyland Castle: In the Disney movies, sleeping beauty is a representative figure. The sleeping Beauty Castle is the landmark of every Disneyland in the world. This time, Shanghai Disneyland will provide the visitors with a fantastic experience in the fairyland castle.上海迪士尼1
  2. Speed Nimbus: The most exciting speed race cars-Speed Nimbus has been built. Soon all the visitors can take a experience of this roaring game.上海迪士尼2
  3. Buzz Light year Star Rescuing: By stimulating the Buzz Light year stories, people can take part in virtual competition against the evil. You will feel like flying in the endless cosmos.上海迪士尼3
  4. Fantasia Carrousel: The merry go round is the dream of children and the loving couples. With the music on, it will be a romantic time.上海迪士尼4
  5. Thunder Mountain Drift: A brand new theme amusement area of Disneyland. It will become the special part of Shanghai Disneyland. Sitting in the canoe, you will take a adventure trip.上海迪士尼5

More fun and experience, you will have to go visit Shanghai Disneyland by yourself starting from June 16.

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