First Round-Island High Speed Railway

Dec 30 is a special day for Hainan Island of China. Before the New Year of 2016, the first round-island high speed railway in the world comes into service. With the fast development of high speed railway construction, the former dropped behind Hainan Island now enjoys convenient traffic conditions.

Speaking of Hainan Island, Sanya is a hot topic people cannot avoid. As a tropical paradise in south most China territory, it is a very popular tourism city at home and abroad. This time the west ring high speed railway is launched, along with the east ring open in 2010, the round island high speed railway is finally complete. With a total length of 653 kilometers, the round island railway connects the capital city Haikou and tourism city Sanya with small cities in Hainan. This round island high speed railway is the first and only existing in the world.


Hainan Island is a paradise with gifted nature resources. Besides the beautiful blue sea and beach, there are also tropical forests and ancient towns. When the mainland China is suffering from the thick fog and faze, Hainan is still enjoying cleanest air and sunlight.

By using the complete round island high speed railway, where can we visit? Let us take a quick look at the not well known destinations:

  1. Wennan Old Street: Leaving Haikou, the capital city, the first arrival city is Wenchang. In Wenchang, there is an old street. The whole street is surrounded by sotto porticos. The street is not long with a length of 400 meters. But the architecture is filled with Nanyang styles. You will feel like stepping back to the Republic of China era.环岛高铁2
  2. Yudai Beach: In Qionghai, there is a famous beach called Yudai. Sanya may be too crowded but Qionghai is recommended to stay for two days. Yudai Beach has the same landforms with Gold Coast and Cancun.环岛高铁3
  3. Shimei Bay: Wanning has a reputation of “Oriental Hawaii”. The sea and beach are not inferior to Sanya or Haikou. It may be quieter. The Li Nationality lives here. The minority group lives and original natural landscape can be experienced here.环岛高铁4
  4. Fenjiezhou Island: Like a girl lying on the sea, this island is quiet and fabulous. Surrounded by blue sea, the beach is softer and cleaner. The sea usually has three colors: deep blue, green and blue.环岛高铁5
  5. Longmu Bay: Owning the most beautiful sunset in Hainan, Longmu Bay in Ledong is a bay facing the exact west. When the sun is going down, you will watch the remaining sunlight, returning fishing boats and soft beaches with no person.环岛高铁6
  6. Baicha Village: Li Nationality is the main minority groups living in Hainan. Baicha Village in Dongfang is the residential place for Li Nationality. Getting tired of the metropolitans, you can see the boat shape houses built by them. They still live in the natural houses built by their ancestors. The houses are covered with thatches and they look simple but with characteristics.环岛高铁7
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