Mount Taishan Pray Lantern Show

On Dec 16, the First Mount Taishan Pray Lantern Show News Release Conference was held in East Street of Mount Taishan. According to the sponsor, starting from Dec 23, the First Mount Taishan Pray Lantern Show will be launched and it will last until March 31 next year.

The theme of this pray lantern show is “Through Thousand Years, Pray for the Future”. This is the first time that a lantern show is held in Mount Taishan. On Dec 23, five theme lantern areas and over 100 groups of festive lanterns will be on show. During the lantern show, visitors can also participate in solving riddles posted on lanterns, festive lanterns doodling and many other activities.


This lantern show covers an area of ten thousand square meters. By reappearing the emperors from five dynasties held grand ceremonies of worship of heaven on Mount Taishan top to pray and say thanks for peace and prosperity and telling historical allusions, the lantern show will adopt traditional and modern light and shadow technology to exhibit the abundant culture and histories of Mount Taishan.

The sponsor Mount Taishan Scenic Area Management Committee invited well known lantern show design teams to help build the huge activity which costs over millions. Held at the end of the year, it aims at celebrating the New Year and also the Spring Festival. Over hundreds of lanterns will be on show and the applying of sound, light, electricity will make visitors know the colorful histories of Mount Taishan.


There will be five theme lantern show sections which are Ancient Myths Theme Lanterns, Five Dynasties Histories and Culture Theme Lanterns, Mount Taishan Culture and Folkways Theme Lanterns, Children Play and Comic and Animation Theme Lanterns, Emperor Worship Culture Theme Lanterns. Every section is filled with multiple groups of lanterns. Ancient elements and modern lives are combined together. It will be a culture feast with visual and auditory experiences.


Besides the lantern shows, the sponsor will also add the traditional spring festival temple fair activities into the whole show. During the whole show, visitors can participate in riddles guessing, lantern painting and photography competition and so on.

Mount Taishan owns many traditional intangible cultural heritages, during the show, Mount Taishan shadow plays, stilts, puppet shows, lion dances and so many performances will be on the stage. A grand synthesis of showing Mount Taishan charm will leave deep impression on visitors.


Ticket Information:

Mount Taishan + Lantern Show Through Ticket: 160 RMB (Feb-March), 130 RMB (Dec-Jan)

Lantern Show Single Ticket: 68 RMB

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