Ice and Snow Nadam Fair

Nadam Fair is a famous cultural activity of minority groups of Mongolian nationality in China. “Nadam” in Mongolian means “celebration of harvest”. Usually this activity is held in summer, July or August every year. But in winter, there is also an Ice and Snow Nadam Fair held every year. On Dec 15, 2015 China (Hulunbuir) Ice and Snow Nadam Fair& The 7th Golden Dragon Mountain Skiing Festival was held in Golden Dragon Mountain Skiing Resort of Zhalantun City. In the opening ceremony, players perform skiing, parent-offspring snow sculpture races, snowfield camping, snowfield funny games. During the time, 2015-2016 National Snowboard Campaign, Free styling Skiing Championships, the 13th Winter Olympics Competition will also be held.


Speaking of Hulunbuir, people always think of the grand green grassland in hot summer and the horses and sheep under the blue sky and white clouds. That is the unique landscape in summer for Hulunbuir. But what is it like in winter? You must say that there is far end snowfield and cold weather. But the real Hulunbuir in winter is different. Join in the Ice and Snow Nadam Fair to experience the solemn and grand festival of the year. The silver world of Bharhut Snowfield, Hulunbuir Grassland forms an ice and snow world to welcome the festival of this winter-China Ice and Snow Nadam Fair.


The summer Nadam Fair mainly includes the sports competitions like toxophily, horse racing and wrestling. The modern Ice and Snow Nadam Fair is far more than those activities. It is a grassland pageant with the combination of sports competitions, folk customs, and national culture.


Winter Nadam Fair main center is located in famous grassland of Huhenuoer groups. This year, many related activities will be held to celebrate Nadam.

  1. The 3rd China Cold Polar Festival

Time: Dec 24-25

Location: Genhe city

Activities: Visit Aoluguyashilu groups Scenic Area, ice and snow hotels, snow sculptures groups, experience cold polar village, cold polar point, try snowfield motorcycles, reindeer pulling carts.

那达慕42. China Snow Sculptures Haila’er Ice and Snow Park

Time: Nov 2015-March 2016

Location: Haila’er City

Activities: To decorate the city, in the Triangle Square, Airport, there will be snow sculptures on show. In Genghis Khan Square there will even be a snow castle, snow slide.

那达慕53. Haila’er Winter Swimming Invitational Tournament, Haila’er Skiing Festival

Time: Dec 2015-March 2016

Location: Haila’er District

Activities: Invite famous winter swimming players around China to take part in the tournament. Skiing festival includes skiing, snowfield motorcycles, free styling skiing, speed skiing, snowfield bicycles and so on.

那达慕64. Hulunbuir Camel Culture Festival

Time: Dec 2015-Feb 2016

Location: E’Wenkeqi XiniHexisumu

Activities: opening ceremony art and culture show, camel races, wresting competitions, camel training competitions.

那达慕75. Dawo’er Nationality Ice Fishing Festival

Time: End of Dec 2015

Location: Nenshui Green Town, China Dawo’er Nationality Garden Scenic Area

Activities: Fishnet pulling, ice fishing, entertainment on ice, skating, winter swimming. Decoration like ice sculptures, snow sculptures works will be shown.


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  1. Franck says:

    I am Franck, I am French, but live and work in Guangzhou city ( china)
    I will arrive in Hulunbuir city on December 28th, 2017,
    and I will stay there until January 6th 2018.

    During that time, is there any festival around Hulunbuir area, or even more in the north near GENHE ?

    I can not find online the informations about the official dates for December 2017 NADAM fair …

    Also, I would like to know, where I should go to meet the Chinese Evenki Reindeer herders … Are they located near Genhe ?

    Thanks in adance for your informations

    Happy New Year for 2018

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