Christmas and New Year Activities (1)

Filled with festival atmosphere, December is a month with so many surprises. All over China, there are various activities held in different cities. There are many choices you can not miss as they are only held to celebrate the Christmas or New Year. They occur once a year. Why not grasp the chance to participate in one of them and enjoy yourselves in celebrating the coming of 2016.

  1. Chimelong Water Park New Year Eve Carnival

Time: Dec 31-Jan 1

Fare: 150 RMB

Location: Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou

ChimelongWaterPark is the largest water park in China and it is named “WorldMustVisitWaterPark”. Not only in summer there are many visitors, in winter, the temperature is not cold in Guangzhou, there are still many people visiting the park. During New Year Eve, on 22:30 of Dec 31, there will a huge “2016 Chimelong Grand New Year Eve Carnival” on the super wave stage. It is predicted that more then thousand people will join in this activity. With many singers, stars and artists will show on stage, singing, dancing, magic and laser show will appear.


2. HarbinSunIsland Snow Exhibition

Time: Dec 22-Feb 29 2016

Fare: 240 RMB

Location: Sun Island Scenic Area, Harbin

Since Nov 17, the host starts to make artificial snow to build greater and more beautiful snow world. SunIsland is located in Songbei District of Harbin. During Dec 22-Dec 25, there will be a snow sculpture game. All the snow lovers can participate. This year, free WIFI will be offered in the whole scenic area.


3. Beijing Happy Valley Christmas Celebration

Time: Dec 24

Fare: 200 RMB, Christmas Eve Night Ticket: 130 RMB (16:00-24:00)

Location: Happy Valley, Beijing

This Christmas Eve, a Santa Claus flash mob will send wishes to visitors and bring much pleasure. They will also give out boutique gifts. The Christmas Parade is very welcomed by the children. You will be able to see Santa Claus, Ice and Snow Princess and well decorated insects. Cinderella and Prince romantic stories will be moved on living theater.


4. Wuhan Tiandi Christmas Carnival

Time: Nov 28-Jan 2

Fare: Free

Location: Wuhan Tiandi

During the one month time, there will be three grand theme parties, six Christmas theme drama parades. On Christmas Eve, the original angel choir will show performance under the Christmas Lantern.


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