Weekend Tour-Exploring Wuyuan

With the launch of Hefei-Fuzhou high speed railway, there are more options and destinations to travel to from Shanghai. Now Shanghai to Wuyuan direct high speed train is officially running. The total duration needed will be around 4 hours. The weekend Wuyuan two day tours is now for real.

Wuyuan, a remote village in northwest of Jiangxi Province, which features the well-preserved former residence and its typical architectures (Ming or Qing dynasty style), picturesque views of tranquil countryside and original lifestyle. It is considered to be the “Most beautiful village in China”.


Without any influence from Chinese modernization and urbanization, Wuyuan still keeps its mystery and elegance as a center of classical beauty and traditional lifestyle. The WorldHeritageHuangshanMountain is on the north and Sanqing Mountain of Jiangxi on the south. It is a green pearl with an excellent location. In history, Wuyuan was governed by AnhuiProvince and was one of the six counties in Ancient Huizhou. It is known as the place of origin of Huizhou culture. Hidden deep in the mountains, the town escaped the wartime devastation during ancient China, and it remains in its original state today.


The sites of Wuyuan all surround the villages. The most famous landscape is the cole flowers and Hui style architecture. The beauty of villages lies in the harmony of nature. Wuyuan has at least fifty old villages that have remained almost unchanged over the last century.

Now, Wuyuan has gained three tourism routes. Visitors can choose from them to experience the natural scenery and deep Huizhou culture. The East Route includes Jiangwan, Huangling, Likeng, Wangkou, Xiaoqi, Jiangling and Qingyuan. Likeng, an ancient village mainly for the people of Family Li, is 12 km away from the downtown of Wuyuan. From Song to Qing Dynasty, over 100 governors, rich businessmen or celebrities were born in the village. Surrounded by the hills, it features fascinating views, well-preserved architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties, lined typical courtyards on the riverside, inter-crossed water courses and a dozen of bridges which make it a fantastic natural painting scroll.


Xiaoqi is the representative for serene houses from Ming and Qing Dynasty. As the No.1 village of China Tea culture, it is featured the well-preserved residence of Qing Dynasty, winding flagging streets, old and flourish camphor trees, exquisite carvings, historical architectures as well as the tranquil countryside life.

Deep in the mountains, with an altitude of 1260 meters, Huangling has a history of 500 years and separated from the outside world. It is known as the “Village Hanging on Cliff” where Hundreds of typical residence of Hui Style locates at the slope of the mountain. Autumn is the best time to visit visit the village. Almost every family will expose various fruit outdoor to dry it which makes it unique agricultural views named “Shaiqiu”.


The West Route is the concentration of well preserved ecological conditions of Wuyuan. MandarinDuckLake Scenic Area is the largest habitats for wild mandarin ducks. The North Route is mainly original ancient villages and natural landscape. The RainbowBridge, SixiyanVillage and other sites are all gathering places for men of literature and writing. SixiyanVillage was built in 1199, China’s South Song Dynasty with a history of 800 years. The founder, Mr Li named the village with the poetic meaning that fish misses clean water. The ancestors of SixiyanVillage mainly engaged in wood, tea and salt business in Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hunan and Guangxi. At present, among all the 156 historical architectures in the village, 5 buildings were built in Ming Dynasty and 80 buildings built in Qing Dynasty. Congting Hall, Mingxun Hall and Yuqing Hall are the most famous sites in the village.

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