Last Pure Land-Daocheng Aden

Chinese people are very familiar with Shangri-La as it is known as a remote land of idyllic beauty. Owning fabulous landscape and pure folk customs, those places would soon become a destination to pursue. Besides Shangri-La, there is also another place called the last pure land-Daocheng Aden.

Located in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province, it is lying on the way to Tibetan Plateau. Daocheng Aden is close to Shangri-La but it is another world. With a very high altitude, Daocheng still keeps its unique and original natural environment. As there are not too many tourists visiting there, it is still a separated area from cities. People see Daocheng as the “Last Shangri-La”.



Daocheng Aden scenic area includes Daocheng and Aden two parts. There are various natural resources. Snow mountains, glacier, valleys, forests, meadows, lakes all together make a picturesque landscape. Besides Pearl Lake, Milk Lake and other glacier lakes, The most desirable place in Daocheng is Daocheng Sacred Peak. It consists of Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong and XianuoduojiMountain. They all stand in Aden Nature Reserve. The local people treat Xiannairi as a Buddha, Yangmaiyong as a young girl, Xianuoduoji as a young boy. The three mountains are seen as three gods which bless the people. Thus Daocheng becomes a sacred place for Tibetan minority. Besides Aden Scenic Area, there are also some other attractive sites like serene Bang River, beautiful Red Grassland, ancient temples.



In different seasons, Daocheng and Aden reveal different charms. In spring, rhododendron is in full blossom among the hills; in autumn, yellow and red color mix together which form a heaven on earth. Some people say that Daocheng and Aden is the “LastPureLand on Blue Earth”. It was discovered in 1928 by an American and the photos were posted on National Geography. Since then it was known to people.

During September to October, the red grassland and yellow poplar forest make Daocheng a sea of colors. The SnowMountains look more fantastic with the reflection of blue sky and white clouds. In April and May it is also good season to visit, the roads are decorated with wild flowers. The sacred snow mountain is covered more snow than in autumn which looks more spectacular and bright.



From Chengdu or Chongqing there are direct flights to Daocheng Aden Airport, the transportation mainly relies on air.

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