Time to Visit Yangcheng Lake

When September starts, the harvest time is coming. Chinese people begin to expect Mid-Autumn Festival and the harvest of Hairy Crabs. The representative for this gourmet is Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs. Given the reputation of Chinese No.1 Crab, Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs actually follows real distinction. The environment where the crabs are feed is also an attractive site.


(Yangcheng Lake)

As a freshwater lake, Yangcheng Lake is part of Taihu Lake as well, about 3 kilometers northeast of Suzhou. It is one of the most important lakes in JiangsuProvince and known for the origin of Hairy Crabs, one of the tasty aquatic products in China. The best time to visit the lake is in Sep and Oct because the crabs migrate from Yangcheng Lake to the Yangtze delta for mating during this period.

YangchengLake is also the habitat for many wild animals especially freshwater fishes such as salmons, turtles, shrimps and so on. The lake provides the excellent place for the hairy crabs to be raised. With an area of 120 square kilometers, the lake contains west, central and east three parts. To the south it stretches to Suzhou city, to the north it is surrounded by ChangshuMountain. Like its name, the lake is always shining with the reflection of sunlight. The LotusIsland is like a pure emerald. If you take a boat on it, you can appreciate the waves and feel like you were in a painting.


(Yangcheng Lake)

Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs, also known as the big sluice crab, is a medium-sized burrowing crab that is native in the coastal estuaries of East Asia. People in East China mostly like the taste of them. It is a famous delicacy in Shanghai cuisine. The crab meat is very fresh and sweet to taste.


(Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs)

The crabs migrate from YangchengLake to the Yangtze delta for mating in September and October so the local fishermen can harvest them during this migration. Chinese people are fond of the crab meat and roe very much. Although the crabs can be found almost everywhere around the country, but the most famous place to nosh on the China’s most cherished crustaceans is Yangcheng Lake.

Every autumn tourists flood to Yangcheng Lake to taste the hairy crabs at first time. Some even take boats on the lake to catch the crabs by themselves. The hairy crabs of YangchengLake are said to be born with their flavor of the lake’s natural environment. Sunlight can easily reach the bottom of the 2 meter-deep of the lake, encouraging robust growth and ensuring the crabs have plenty to eat thus the crabs have obtained distinct flavor.


(Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs)

Generally the crabs are cooked steaming and served as a whole; you have to strip off the shell and get down to the sweet meat and the roe inside, which is considered the tastiest part of the crab, especially from females. Remember to eat with vinegar so you can have better tastes.

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