Amazing Autumn of Jiuzhaigou

If you like autumn season, then there are many astonishing scenery you can not miss in China. The most representative site is Jiuzhaigou located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Region of Sichuan Province.

Jiuzhaigou, locally known as “Nine-Village Valley”, it is the habitats of nine Tibetan villages. Naturally it is a valley that stretches for more than 40 kilometers at the foot of the snow-capped MinshanMountain. Jiuzhaigou is special because of its many multi-level waterfalls and various colorful lakes, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The fantastic lakes are quite different from others by having a high concentration of calcium carbonate. So the embankments are all covered with crystals.


You can see through the clear water till several meters down. Waterfalls are also the highlights in Jiuzhaigou. They are formed between lakes on different levels of water flowing down the cliffs making Jiuzhaigou a fairyland.

Jiuzhaigou’s unique beauty includes Snow Mountain, lush forest, serene lakes, and various birds and animals. Upon entering the valley, you will leave behind nothing but have a very relaxing feel. It is a world of water, in different forms.

Nuorilang Fall  is the water flowing out of  Five Flower Lake creating over 1 kilometer downriver with 320 meters wide and 25 meters high. The beauty of Nuorilang Fall lies in the travertine accumulation. The outstanding height of Nuorilang Fall is caused by a earthquake very long ago.


(Nuorilang Fall)

Five Flower Lake is regarded as one of the wonders in Jiuzhaigou, the Five Flower Lake enjoys its breathtaking colors due to its lake-bottom travertine and colorful algae. In autumn, the Five Flower Lake presents a spectacular display of nature.


(Five Flower Lake)

Five Color Pond is one of the smallest lake in Jiuzhaigou. The underwater has a rich color so the landscape makes it the brightest and clearest waters in the area.


(Five Color Pond)

The magic of Jiuzhaigou is given by the god. In September and October, go and appreciate the natural beauty of autumn.

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