Zhangjiakou Host City of 2022 Winter Olympics

Recently, Beijing was announced to win the chance to host the 2022 Winter Olympics along with Zhangjiakou city. This news excited all the whole country and will increase the passion of Chinese people for winter sports as well. As a northern city, Zhangjiakou is well known for its abundant winter natural resources.


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Zhangjiakou is located in the northwest of HebeiProvince where four provinces, municipalities meet, namely Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. It is very accessible from Beijing with a mere 180 kilometers. Construction for the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway will begin soon and once completed, the travel between the two cities will be reduced to around 40 minutes.



Zhangjiakou is steeped in history. The city upholds historical and cultural prominence as the place where man of the East and Chinese civilization emerged. It has been a key inland trading port in northern China since the Ming and Qing dynasties.


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Tourism of Zhangjiakou is very prosperous. Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival is aimed to attract tourists from Beijing and Tianjin with rock music. Its insistence on branding and internationalization as well as the strong focus on market cultivation has made it a nationally and internationally recognized rock music carnival for music fans at home and abroad.


(Zhangjiakou City)

Chongli International Skiing Festival was launched in 2001, which has successfully taken place for 14 years. The Festival is a showcases of the development and achievements of ski tourism in Chongli to the region of Beijing and Tianjin as well as the entire country. “Skiing in Chongli” has been the symbol for Zhangjiakou and is gradually becoming well known outside of China.


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Guyuan Wetlands Music Carnival: the three-day wetlands music carnival foregrounds three key themes: Night of Hormone, To Youth and Hospital Grasslands. It gathers popular singers and bands of diverse styles from both home and abroad, and boasts a top production crew in China to create a five-star quality outdoor carnival in China that combines 40 events in one.

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Beijing-Zhangjiakou: There are nearly 20 trains departing from Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station to Zhangjiakou. The least time spent is 2 hours.

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