Happy Magic Water Cube Park

In 2010 the Beijing National Aquatics Center, colloquially known as the Water Cube, was officially open to the public. With an area of 12,000 sq. m and introduced facilities from Canada, the Water Cube is at present the largest and most advanced water park in Asia. It has many aquatic amusement facilities that made debut in the world.

The Water Cube Park consists of 11 attractions: “deep sea tornado”, “magic swirl”, “brewing storms on rivers and seas”, “rapid underflow”, “under the waves”, “ride house”, “travel in the sea”, “crazy tsunami”, “bubble pool”, “dreamlike drift” and “water magic cube stage”. The west part of the Park has drift area and children swimming area; the center part has an exciting wave making area; the east part has stimulating simulative tornado event. There are 11 slides and the highest slide rises to 23 meters. All of the slides are translucent. Those playing in the slide can be seen from the outside. How exciting and thrilling!
water cube beijing

Equipped with intelligent temperature controlling system, the Water Cube Park provides the most comfortable temperature all through the year. The “crazy tsunami” is perhaps the most crowded. When waves come, it feels like adventuring in the ups and downs. I like that feeling.

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