China-India Meet in Xian

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his delegation arrived in China on May 14th. And Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed him in Daci’en Temple in Xian. This is called hometown diplomacy.


A warmly welcome ceremony was hold in Ancient Tang Dynasty’s style to greet Modi(Photo  from internet)


Xian is the start point of ancient Silk Road and it is also Xi’s hometown. While Xi visited Indian last September, Xi has invited Modi to pay a visit to Xian. And as we all know, Indian is the source of Buddhism and Silk Road is the way Buddhism spread into China.

Xian 2

Buddhism is a connection band to combine China and India. Thousand years ago, Buddhism masters has taken the responsibilities to  disseminate cultures between these  two big countries. And the most famous Buddhism master is named Xuanzang. When he came back from India, he built the Big Wild Pagoda inside of the DacienTemple  to preserve Buddhist scripture roll and Buddhist statues from ancient Indian area.

Today, Modi has brought a seedling of linden to Big Wild Goose Pagoda as a gift.  You might see it when you are in Xian.


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