Shanghai Disney will apply different ticket policies

April 15th, Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Tourism Yang said, the ticket price of Shanghai Disney will be in charge of the Disney operator according to the international practice and operational development; and go through the assessment of the market. He hopes the ticket price can consider the tolerance of local visitors. He implies, the ticket price will customize different tickets for different people.

In recent years, the attractions tickets in Shanghai are generally in a reasonable range. Some of the A level attractions may have slightly increase, but to the average of the full city, some free admission also lower the average level. Yang also said ticket should not be the main income of attractions; they should provide more additional service in attraction area and improve the service content and quality.

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When answering the question: what do you recommend for traveler come to Shanghai. Yang introduced Oriental Tower. Even though this is a traditional site, but the old eight sites including the tower, Ocean Park, along with the new eight sites are constantly enrich their content. They might have better ability to meet visitors’ requests. Plus, Shanghai Natural Museum, many flower festivals and F1 or other major sports events are all recommended by the director.

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