The most attractive Chinese cities in foreign eyes

The selection of most attractive Chinese cities in 2014 has been published. Hangzhou was selected 5 times in a row. This selection is the only ranking that participated all by foreigners, since 2010 it has been on for 5 times. On the list of 2014, there is Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Kunming.


The judgers this year include Nobel Prize winner Craig Mello, antivirus field experts Kaspersky and China friendship award winners. The rank that selected by them is an important window for foreigners to know more about China.


Do foreigners want to live in China for long period? According to investigation, 33.9% want to do that, while 38.8% of male have stronger will comparing to 25.6% female.

Do the foreigners care about the development of their living city? 75.3% care about it. Among them, 38.5% indicate that they care very much, only 4.8% show that they don’t care at all.

When being asked, how do you think of the city you are living comparing to your expectation? 51.3% think it’s almost the same. 34.8% think it’s better than expectation, and 6.8% think it’s worse than expectation.

What do they eat? 48.4% indicate that they eat Chinese and Western for half and half. 28.6% say they mainly eat Chinese. Only 20.3% mainly eat western or their own food. In general, foreigners tend to blend in when speaking food.

Among those popular social network APPs, Wechat has the highest rate to 66.5%, then Facebook follows as 56.6% rate, the next is QQ for 39%. The last is Weibo for 22.4%.

How do they think of marriage with Chinese people? The investigation says, 55.2% of them would love to start family with Chinese. Moreover, as high as 71.3% of them would agrees their children to get married with Chinese. The foreigners are sure feeling more like home in China.

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