Best snacks you can’t miss in Hangzhou

Hangzhou snacks is an important part of Chinese food culture, variety of fancy styles, different seasoning ingredients and peculiar cooking methods make the Hangzhou cuisine unique.

Hangzhou snacks are mostly reclaiming in Hangzhou native products, and often associated with West Lake scenic spots. When visiting the lake in summer, you can taste the lotus root starch. While wandering the Nanshan Road in fall, try to go to the osmanthus hall to have one bowl of West Lake osmanthus chestnut soup.

These snacks have long history, and many are accompanied with legends. Such as the Wushan crisp cakes, green package stewed, Hangzhou typical famous snacks have crab roe soup bun, crystal jade dumplings, green package stewed etc.

Crab roe soup bun

The frozen walnut and crab roe soup bun in Yijiaxian are the boutiques among all snacks. The bun uses their unique crab roe and soup as the stuffing, makes the dense soup and rich crab roe. Once the buns are out of the steamer, the milky and crystal outfit and the yummy smell make your appetite enhance immediately.


Crystal jade dumplings

This is one of the ace snacks of Red Mud food beverage company, is has always been the favorite for people. The ingredients include ham, green bean, carrot, winter bamboo shoots, shrimp, chicken meat, mushrooms, sesame oil and more than ten others. Using the unique Red Mud cooking recipe, the dumplings are rich, clear, and exquisite in shape. It tastes fresh and delicious once put in mouth. This is the kind that everyone would love.


Green package stewed

Speaking of this snack, every Hangzhou folk must know that, this is a snack that you can see a lot on the streets. Even though the material is simple, the cooking style is easy, which is crapping fried bun with green onion into spring rolls, fry it on the pan till the rolls turn into yellow and crispy. Dipping some sauce, then you can enjoy it. But when talking about its history, it can be dated back to Song dynasty. Legend says that the patriotic General Yue Fei was framed by Qin Hui. People hated Qin so much, they make the fried bun into his shape and fry it in the oil and add into rolls, then made this snack. By doing this, people can remember Yue forever and revile Qin. Hence the name is also wrapped onion and Hui if translated directly.


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