Zhejiang Museum of Natural History

Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, former West Lake Museum, was founded in 1929, it has nearly 8000 square meters of area, is one of the oldest museums in China, also the only provincial museum that set life science and earth science specimen collection, research and exhibition as main activities in Zhejiang. The original display contents dinosaurs, marine animal, paleontology, animals and plants, total 8 topics, among them, the “dinosaurs and marine animal display” won the 1998 Chinese top ten display and Exhibition excellence award. In July 2009, the new museum opened to public.


According to its own feature and task, the museum decided the collection direction and operation planning, established a collection working committee, also has initially constructed the scientific museum’s collection system with its own characteristics, and makes the collection more scientific, more comprehensive, more characteristic and sustainable development. Through self acquisition, discovery, collection, social (personal) donation and other methods, the museum now has paleontology, minerals, rocks, plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, aquatic invertebrates, insects and natural oil painting and other kinds of collection. Registered collection reaches to nearly 130 thousand which is complete and full of treasure, shows the essence of natural objects. Among them, the dinosaur eggs, marine reptile fossils, cultural sites, animal remains, marine organisms and birds’ collections are rich and unique. The Bailey Jiangshan dinosaur, Linhai Zhejiang pterosaur, Yungui dinosaur, whale shark, grey whale, wild Southern China tigers, more than hundred specimens are considered as the best in both domestic and international.


Dinosaur display: the curiosity to dinosaur often arouses people’s desire of knowledge. This column mainly introduces the dinosaurs and their relatives’ evolution, ecology, extinction and the formation of dinosaur fossils that rules the entire earth in Mesozoic. Exhibited the 22 meters long Bailey Jiangshan dinosaur discovered in Zhejiang, Linhai Zhejiang pterosaur and Zhejiang Chilantaisaurus and Sichuan Mao omeisaurus that are all firstly discovered new genera fossil specimens in the world. There are also dinosaur egg and bones fossils for audience to touch.

Marine animal display: ocean is the cradle of life, life began in the sea. The exhibition mainly introduces marine fish, reptiles and mammals, including China unique Chinese sturgeon, Hong Kong return mascot Chinese white dolphin, leatherback turtle, hawksbill and other national key protection animals, and world’s largest 12 meters long grey whale skeleton specimen, aground minke whale in Qiantang River and 12 meters long whale shark specimen captured from the East China Sea. Vivid marine ecological landscape shows that marine animal world is a natural treasure full of vigor, protect marine resources is the mankind’s historical mission.


Ticket: free admission

Address: WestLake Cultural Square, Hangzhou

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