Wudang Mountain

Wudang Mountain, the Taoist shrine, is located in the Danjiangkou, Shiyan city, Hubei province. By the end of 2013, Wudang Mountain has 53 ancient buildings with building area of 27 thousand square meters, 9 construction relics, covers an area of 200 thousand of square meters. The whole mountain saves 5035 all kinds of culture relics. WudangMountain is one of the UN announced world culture heritages, also Chinese national 5A level scenic area. It’s the Taoism and Wudang martial arts.

WudangMountain is surrounded by high peaks; the highest TianzhuPeak is 1612 meters. WudangMountain ancient buildings were firstly built in Tang dynasty and reached its peak in Ming dynasty. Each emperor regarded the WudangMountain as royal temple to build and maintain.

Wudang martial art is a long history, broad and profound Han nationality martial art branch. In the late Yuan and early Ming period, Taoist Zhang Sanfeng strengthened the foundation, and was honored as the originator of Wudang martial art.


The core of Wudang Taoist medicine sets spirit as the basis. Keeping spirit is the priority. Wudang Taoist medicine was affected by Chu Han culture, and absorbed the theory of develop the spirit.

Taoist music is used for praying ceremony when praying to gods for blessing, praying to drive demon and turn undead and other ritual activities, it’s indispensable to Taoist ceremony. It has the function of rendering the atmosphere and enhancing the faith of believers to the immortal world. As an ancient religious music, it permeates the basic beliefs and aesthetic thoughts of Taoism in musical form and tone, formed its own unique pattern.

Taoist music aesthetics thought reflects the Taoist pursuit of longevity and quietism. The melody is solemn, beautiful and tranquil, shows the great momentum when summoning the gods, the mighty bold when demon driving, the joyful when praying blessing, the melodious misty when practicing. Through the contrast and rendering of the music, the Taoist ceremony appears more solemn, holy and mysterious. In the music, various kinds of conception can be presented with harmony. Take your emotion into the mysterious world of immortals.


Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

Ticket price: 243 yuan (including entrance 140 yuan, transportation 100 yuan, scenic spots travel insurance 3 yuan)

Airport: HubeiShiyanWudangMountainsAirport (opening in 2016)

Train station: Wudangshan West station

New Wudang Mountains tour: http://www.absolutechinatours.com/china-tours/WDS-001.html

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