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Hangzhou Cuisine Museum

We paid a visit to HangzhouCuisineMuseum last Friday. As its name suggests, the museum is dedicated to introducing Hangzhou cuisines. In the display area, we saw plentiful fake food replicating the appearance of typical Hangzhou cuisines such as Beggar Chicken, … Continue reading

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2014 Brazil World Cup

The 2014 Brazil world cup is ongoing, this every 4 year pageant gathers football fans from all over the world to the football kingdom in the southern hemisphere. The theme song of this year’s world cup is We Are One, … Continue reading

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The Umbrella and Hangzhou

There is a theory that China is the invention place of umbrella. It is the important creation of the working people. It was called Deng originally. From the yellow grandeur umbrellas for emperors’ travelling to the rain shelter for common … Continue reading

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