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Cycling around West Lake

June 24, 2011, WestLake in Hangzhou was formally added into the “World Heritage List” and it is China’s only legacy of lake cultural heritage. Meanwhile, the WestLake is a free attraction. WestLake carries a lot of stories and legends, and … Continue reading

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Explore old Hangzhou-The Historic Street

Qinghefang historic district – the most historic district of Hangzhou, also the only relatively intact old neighborhoods, is a microcosm of the history of Hangzhou. Qinghefang is not far from the West Lake, only ten minutes walking distance, the whole … Continue reading

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Discover the Old Shanghai-The Old Downtown

When you travel in the metropolis, you might be interested in the original life of local Shanghaiese and search the place where the city develops. Undoubtedly, the old downtown is the right place to find the answer. As the most … Continue reading

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