Hangzhou inbound tourism

Hangzhou as Zhejiang important tourist city, since the beginning of the implementation of 72 hour transit visa policy from October this year, now allows 51 countries of citizens to enter from Hangzhou aviation port without visa.

In thirteenth Century the Italy traveler Marco Polo praised Hangzhou as “the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world”. Hangzhou is rich in tourism resources with West Lake as Chinese first lakes class world cultural heritage; in June 22nd, 2014, the Grande Canal of China successfully elected to the world cultural heritage, Hangzhou as the southernmost city on the canal now has two world heritages.


In recent years, the international influence of Hangzhou tourism continually enhances, it has been named as the “Oriental leisure capital” by World Leisure Organization, and jointly awarded the “China best tourism city” by China National Tourism Administration and the World Tourism Organization. It is the only city that was issued “International Tourism Golden Award” by the United Nations. On American “New York Times”, Hangzhou was selected as one of the 41 the world’s most worth visiting places in 2011.


Hangzhou has got the world’s largest travel media Trip Advisor named “Chinese most popular tourist destination” for 2 consecutive years. In September, 2011, Hangzhou along with Paris, Washington, London and other cities together, by the British BBC were named as one of the 8 cities that have the best public bicycle service in the world. According the Chinese Tourism Research Institute, in the third quarter of this year, Hangzhou tourist satisfaction rowed the second of the whole nation. In contrast to the second quarter, Hangzhou raised to second from third. In 2013, Hangzhou received 3.16 million international tourists and 94.09 million domestic tourists.

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