A different yellow mountain in winter

Yellow Mountain in winter is like a fairyland. Many people may not know it yet. Speaking of winter tour on Yellow Mountain, some may misunderstand: will it be closed in winter? In fact, the mountain will not be closed in winter, also it’s the most beautiful and romantic season of all. The beauty is breathtaking and making people forgetting anything else. Visiting Yellow Mountain in winter, we can wandering in the snow, and watch the unique charm in the air.


3 strengths for visiting Yellow Mountain in winter:

1. Less crowd. We can admire the pure scenery of the Yellow Mountain instead of the ”People Mountain”.

2. Less budget. Yellow Mountain applies low season price in winter, which the accommodation and food will be cheaper.

3. There are snow view and rime in winter. Rocks are more interesting when covered with snow, and the view of Sea of Cloud appears more in winter.


Winter is a good time for sunrise watching. In the winter morning, the sun rises from the east, sunshine spreading all over the mountain onto the velvet sea of cloud. The colorful and gorgeous picture makes the remarkable wonder of the mountain.

Buddhist light on the Yellow Mountain is also a wonder that’s rare to see. Clear sunny time after snow with sea of cloud flowing around, the mountain stretches layer after layer, the Buddhist light often appears at this time. The mottled and colorful light makes strong contract with the pure white snow, it feels like time stops. Winter has the highest frequency for the light. Even though, it’s just a kind of optical phenomenon, many visitors still regard it as a good sign, and think the Buddhist light symbolizes good luck.

December to February is the best time for visiting the winter Yellow Mountain.

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