Wanda Changbai Mountain international skiing field

Wanda Changbai Mountain international ski field, based on a world-class tourist resort, shared the 20 billion Yuan supporting construction. The high class hotel, such as Wenstin, Hyatt, formed large scale luxury Hotel community. In addition, the ChangbaiMountain international tourism resort will also build tourist town.

Changbai Mountain international resort ski resort has unique geographical location, located at 41 degrees north latitude, gold skiing holiday zone, with over 1200 mm annually rainfall. The snow period is from November to April, up to 6 months, snow depth is more than 1 meter, the snow quality is loose and cottony, attracts many skiers. The Mediterranean club chairman and CEO Mr. Henry Goldstein asserted that: “ChangbaiMountain international resort is a new ski resort of the best in the world!” It has warm winter and fun features. No wind is warm, good windproof condition allows skiers to better enjoy comfortable snow season. The ChangbaiMountain forest resources give skiing more mystery, plus the sunshine time is long enough, which formed unique sunny winter climate. Suitable temperature and humidity ratio make the ski resort more a top world skiing resort.


The skiing field is designed by Canadian Ecosign Company that the top ranking company and designed 5 times winter Olympics games fields. The field covers an area of 7 square kilometers, with 43 skiing runs. 9 of the runs meet the requirements of the Olympic Games, 14 are intermediate runs, and 20 are primary ones. The total length of the runs is about 30 kilometers with area of 935 thousand square meters. It can accommodate 8,000 skiers at the same time. 7 cable cars have 22,000 people of capacity per hour.


Ski resort has small town, Guosong, Excelle three ski service center, facilities are luxury, construction area is over 10,000 square meters; it contains a ski shop, equipment maintenance center, ski school, dining center, complete children skiing facilities and playgrounds, service all aspects of providing ski rental, ski service, ski video, photography, catering etc. There’s a mountain top restaurant at the highest point in the snow field, people can have dining here while looking at ancient and mysterious Changbai Mountain.

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