China implements new visa measures to America

American’s Chinese business or tourist visa might be extended to 10 years.

China’s foreign ministry said, America and China has reached a consensus about issuing long term visa for business, tourism and foreign study personnel. They will issue up to 10 years validity visa to business and tourism travelers, and will issue up to 5 years validity visa for foreign study students.

In order to implement the protocol that America and China just reached, the embassy starts to accept visa application of tourism (L), business (M), relatives visiting (Q2) and private affairs (S2) four major categories. For study personnel who is stay in Chinese territory over 180 days, the corresponding category is X1 visa, they will get visa with validity up to 5 years.

The implementation of the new visa measures is good news for China and the United States, it helps to increase personnel exchanges, deepen the friendship between the two countries. Chinese American who applying relatives visiting (Q2) visa will be the beneficiaries of the new visa measures.


While the validity has been extended, we should know the staying time of each visit is different. For tourism and business, the period is 60 days. For relatives visiting, the period is 120 days. For private affairs, the period is 90 days. If the applicant has special needs, the relatives visiting period could extend to 180 days.

The U.S. has also announced that will implement the new visa measures since Nov. 12th. They will issue up to 10 years validity visa for Chinese who is going to America for business and tourism, and issue up to 5 years visa for students who is going to study in America.

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