The 2014 APEC Summit

The APEC conference has returned to China after 13 years interval since the held in Shanghai in 2001. The conference will be held in Beijing in mid November, including informal leadership meeting, the Ministerial Conference, senior officials and other series of meetings.

The theme of the summit is: the Asia Pacific Partnership to build for the future. The leaders’ summit will be held in November 10th, 2014 to 11th in YanqiLake, Huairou Beijing. Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping will host the summit. Former Chairman Hu Jintao announced at the twentieth summit held in Russia in 2012 that China decided to host the 2014 APEC leaders’ informal meeting.

APEC, aka Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation was firstly established as a regional economic forum and consultation mechanism. After ten years of development, it has gradually evolved into an important Economic Cooperation Forum Asia Pacific area, also the highest level of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Mechanism between the governments. It played an irreplaceable role in the promotion of regional trade and investment liberalization and in promoting economic and technological cooperation between the members etc.


Beijing will host the 2014 twenty-second APEC leaders’ informal meeting place in YanqiLake. They have completed the official website construction, logo design and other preparatory work.

YanqiLake is located in the Beijing suburb of Huairou 8 km north of the city at the foot of the Yanshan, north to the majestic Great Wall, and south to the North China Plain. This is a place of an exquisite scenery water park. YanqiLake’s water surface is wide and clear, every spring and autumn, flocks of wild geese come to habitat in Lake, hence the name. Since 1986, the Huairou district government strengthens the capital investment to YanqiLake, built a number of scenic spots, now it has become a good place for Beijing citizens for holiday leisure tourism, in 2000 listed by the National Tourism Bureau as the national AAAA level scenic area.


As the most influential economic cooperation official site in the Asian Pacific area, APEC meeting is very particular about location. From Shanghai in 2001 to Hawaii 2011, 2012 in Vladivostok, BaliIsland in 2013, site selection must strive to reflect the host’s natural scenery and historical culture.

According to Lu Peixin, former acting director of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs, in recent years the APEC site selection tended to good local scenery, but not too much in the capitals. The selection of YanqiLake as the main venue is to highlight the concept of green environmental protection. Besides some rigid selection principle, to host such a meeting in Beijing, it should have more considerations on environmental. In recent years, Beijing’s environmental problems have been questioned a lot, but this year’s APEC conference selected Beijing Huairou, it can also reveal the achievements in the governance of pollution of the environment, especially air pollution.

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