Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal

When talking about the great engineering in ancient China, people would all think of the ‘one wall and one canal’. The wall refers to the Great Wall and the canal refers to the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. The canal project first started in the spring and autumn period, it has 2500 years of history. With the length of 1794 km, it goes through 4 provinces and 2 municipalities.

Being the south end of the canal, Hangzhou has inherited its culture and developed new views. This article will take us to appreciate the Hangzhou section of the Grand Canal. See if we can get to know this city deeper after wandering on the canal.

The Hangzhou section has a length of 39 km. It flows through 4 downtown districts of Hangzhou. Many attractions, historical districts and parks are lying by the canal. And out tour starts at the dock at Wulin gate.


This is the start of our canal tour. The Wulin gate dock.


The Wulin gate dock is at the very center of downtown Hangzhou. Many shopping malls are nearby. What we see here is a modern face of the canal.


Get on the boat and we will go north. The views on the banks are quite interesting.


The night view is the best part.

After passing several bridges, we can see the Fuyicang. The place consists of three rows of warehouses and many ancient yards. It used to be the ancient granary. Now it became a leisure place for people to visit.


The gate of Fuyicang.


Can you imagine how it would be back to those times?

And then we can go to the XiangjiTemple by the canal. This temple is called the first incense of the canal. It’s famous among the believers.


The front gate is serious.

This temple looks modern at night.

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