5 best cycling routes in Hangzhou

Speaking of cycling, how could we skip Hangzhou? This lovely and beautiful city is the perfect place for viewing on the bike.


Hangzhou has public bike rental for free. That makes it even better. Now let’s just go and feel its beauty on the road.

  1. Broken Bridge and Su Causeway


Start: youth activity center

End: south spot of Su causeway

Distance: 5.4 kms


From the symbol of Hangzhou, this route goes through broken bridge, SolitaryMountain. You can visit many museums on the mountain and taste the pure Hangzhou cuisine at Louwailou.

Then you will be at the top scene of the WestLake – Su causeway. It’s all green on both side and with the breeze; it feels like you are riding in a painting.

2. the unknown WestLake


Start: flower harbor

End: yellow dragon sports center

Distance: 9.7 kms


At Yanggong causeway, you can wander on the peaceful trail and enjoy the calm comparing the city noise. If you want to catch the mysterious sites, keep off the main road and go west, get yourself lost in the greenery.

When you are back to the modern world, keep going north, there are numerous café and bars on Shuguang Rd. also, those different restaurants are something to good to miss.

3. Quyuanfenghe park to Lingyin temple


Start: QuyuanfenghePark

End: Lingyin temple

Distance: 3.6 kms


Starting from the northwest spot of the WestLake, ride along the road to the west, reach to LingyinTemple. This temple is one of the biggest ones in China. You need some effort to climb the slight slope. But when you get there, you’ll know it’s all worth it.

4. BeijingHangzhouGrand Canal


Start: North Qiutao Rd

End: Dengyun Rd

Distance: 11.5 kms


This route is the longest of the recommended route and also the tricky one. Cause it’s not a direct route. But if you want to experience this 2000 years old canal, you might just need to ride a little bit more.

The route might be cut by the canal often, while it’s not hard to find the way connects to it. You will go through historical museums, modern buildings and water taxi and cruise. The night view by the canal is highly recommended. At the end, you can see some nice café that serves good drinks and snacks.

5. Six harmony pagoda to Qianjiang New City


Start: six harmony pagoda at Zhijiang Rd

End: Hangzhou Grand Theater

Distance: 9.6 kms


Before the cycling, you can go visit the pagoda first. This pagoda has more than 1000 year’s history. Climb on it, watch the river, you can see the QiantangjiangBridge across the river.

On the road, you can see some giant buildings. You will also pass by continental hotel, have a drink and take a break there. At the ending, this area is the new district of the city.

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