The Oriental Pearl Radio and television tower

The Oriental Pearl Radio and television tower locates at the bank of Huangpu River, Lujiazui District. It stands opposite to the Bund international architectures across the river. The tower is 468 meters tall. Along with the Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge, they make the two dragons and one pearl style, which became the symbol of the reform and open in Shanghai.


The designer of the tower connected 11 different spheres in the air, the two huge spheres are like two ruby glittering. With two spheres down on the ground of the international conference center, they become a magnificent landscape.


The tower consists of three columns which have 9 meters diameter, space cabin, upper sphere, lower sphere, five small spheres, tower foundation and square. The double deck elevator can carry 50 people and speed reaches to 7 meters per second. The three-dimensional lighting system is colorful and marvelous. The shining upper sphere sightseeing layer has diameter reach to 45 meters and 263 meters high. This is the best place to have a bird view of the grand Shanghai. The upper sphere also has 267 meters high revolving restaurant, disco ball room, bars and KTV open to public.

The space cabin which is floating in the air is 350 meter high. It has sightseeing layer, conference room and café etc. the atmosphere is elegant and environment is high grade. The space hotel is in the five small spheres. 20 guest rooms are all in good condition and unique taste.

The Shanghai history museum in the tower is for introducing Shanghai hundred years history. The precious cultural relic, documents, files, pictures presented by high tech video and audio equipments, reflects the development in modern history of Shanghai. the air

The Oriental Pearl Radio and television tower sets sightseeing, meeting, exhibition, and catering, shopping, entertainment, accommodation, radio and television transmission as one, it has became the symbol the this city in the 21st century. The tourist number and tourism income of the tower is only second to Eiffel Tower in France, makes it the world famous attraction.


Address: NO 1, Century Boulevard, Pudong new district, Shanghai

Open hour: 08:00-21:30

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