West Lake Museum

West Lake Museum is located to the west of Nanshan Rd, south to the Qianwang Temple and right next to the West Lake. It was completed on Oct. 1st, 2005. This is the only museum that called “Window of the WestLake” in Hangzhou. The design of WestLakeMuseum reflects the principle of minimum intervention to the WestLake. Three quarters of the museum is built underground, and applies steel and glass structure in a large area, which is conducive for lighting. The whole building is concise, dynamic and has a strong modern flavor. A variety of technological means are adopted into the display of this museum. And the panorama of the West Lake opens up to the people’s eyes in several units which includes the formation, renovation, pregnant with beauty and pearl of the heaven.

HangzhouWestLakeMuseum is China’s first thematic museum of lake class. With an area of 22,555 square meters, most of the museum is underground, which quietly blend into the scenery of the surrounded lake view. The museum has collections display, academic research, literature gathering and tourist services four functions in one. In line with the WestLake declaring World Heritage Cultural site, the museum was closed in Feb 2009 in order to enrich the content, and it was reopened on Oct 1st, 2009. The museum after enrichment has an enhancement on the construction area, from 7920 square meters to 8420 square meters. The cases on display are highly related to the heritage applying, and fully show the integrity and authenticity of the WestLake as human cultural and landscape heritage. It confirms the universal values ​​of the West Lake with a wealth of historical data and in-kinds.

The museum is divided into Introduction Hall, West Lake Overview, dredging of the lake and formation of the landscape, West Lake titled landscape, West Lake culture and mental homeland six chapters.

The signboard in front of the museum.

1. west lake museum

The path down to the entrance.

2.path to entrance

The sandbox that shows the whole view of the West Lake geomorphology.

3. whole view

The animals sample by the West Lake.


Lake water samples observations with microscope.


Lake rock samples observations in crystal ball.

6.Crystal Ball

Walking in the museum, we can not only see the unique view of the lake and rich historical and cultural relics, but also feel the connotation behind those views, and share this world beauty with the world.

Address: No. 89 Nanshan Rd, Hangzhou

Open hour: 8:00 – 20:00 open all year round

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