Bronze Art Museum of Zhu Bingren

People come to Hangzhou would all visit the Hefang Street. This ancient street shows the pure South Song dynasty style. Here we can admire the ancient people’s lives and customs while putting ourselves into it.

However, do you know there’s a special museum located on this lively street? It’s also China’s one and only bronze residence. Now let’s take a look at this all bronze architecture – Bronze Art Museum of Zhu Bingren.

doorBronzeArt Museum of Zhu Bingren aims at carrying forward the traditional culture of ethnic art, especially for the culture of bronze. Chinese artist Zhu Bingren and his son Zhu Junmin collect the essence of art from five generations, put all their hearts into it, and built this 3000 square meter bronze house. It merges Chinese traditional painting, carving, architecture and calligraphy together in the form of bronze; it expresses the essence of the art. In the museum, there’s Master Zhu’s works of bronze paintings, bronze mural, bronze melting technique, bronze architecture and Buddhist culture etc.

The museum covers a large area comparing to the narrow roads of Hefang Street. Besides the walls and ground, all the doors, windows, roof, pillars and furniture are bronze structure and decorated. It costs a total weight of 65 tons bronze. The style of the museum is based on the Ming and Qing dynasties residence style with corridors running through and halls and floors in multiple layers. Thus it’s also called the Jiangnan Bronze House.


This is a world of pure bronze. All the decorations are made of bronze. The world’s first all bronze furniture is here. The desks and chairs, screens and decorations, windows and bricks, we can find everything is bronze here.

The Maitreya Buddha in the front door is eye catching. He’s smiling and greeting guests to coming in. The whole bronze museum is behind his back.


Bronze Throne. You can sit on to experience the feeling of being an emperor.


Terra Cotta statue. It applies a special coloring process technique.


Bronze works of art, rice.


All bronze crafted tea set with bactericidal effect.


Those bronze works are beautiful masterpieces in Chinese or even the world’s architecture history. The craft skill is a talent. From the traditional bronze carving to appreciation arts and collection art, the museum not only promotes the bronze culture, but also adds new connotation, and makes bronze art expresses a strong vitality.

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