Hangzhou in foreign eyes

More and more foreign tourists come to Hangzhou but their main aims are not only for visiting famous cultural world heritage sites but also to immerse in local people’s life. Learning Chinese herb cuisine, playing Chinese Kung Fu in community and bargaining with vegetable vendors in English…. those scenes filled with flavor of life are the foreigners’ favorite activities while they are travelling in Hangzhou.


But how they can join in these activities? In order to provide the best places for foreigners to experience Hangzhou feature, Hangzhou started social resources integrating into tourism products project and Hangzhou Tourism Committee announced the news to found Hangzhou Social Resource Access-points for International Visitors years ago. And the first part included 33 points, covering hospitals, communities, markets, schools, enterprise, farmhouse and other community resources. The most popular ones should be ChineseMedicareCenter, the Zhu’ertan community and Gudang farmers market. Besides, there are Qinghefang historical street, Xiling Seal Art Society and Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village and other 30 points.


Now, around 100 most attractive and representative social resource points are introduced carefully. It becomes the good move to attract international tourists to Hangzhou.

The so-called “international tourist access point” is not mysterious at all. They are ordinary places in local people’s daily life. Such as farmers’ markets, hospitals, social welfare centers, etc. From schools with hundred-year history to brands last for hundred years, from court & police office to normal family, these Social Resource Access-points for International Visitors cover six categories, for instance, public service facilities, industrial or agricultural tourism demonstration sites, social policy, social culture, citizen life and the festival exhibition. While they’ve been successfully integrated into tourism resources, it also showed the life quality in Hangzhou to the world.


Hangzhou to foreigners is such a complex. When you actually blend into a city life, you’ll always feel something. Especially for the foreigners who live in Hangzhou. Get off by the West Lake; you can see the bicycle rental. Hand in the deposit, you can get one. It’s very convenient for all visitors.

In a Sunday afternoon, cycling or hiking around the lake is such a lovely experience. The verdant willow and mildly warbler humming pass by. While riding on the road, you’ll have an illusion of integration. If you ride slowly, the soft breeze will touch your face with a good smell. Gradually come to the Nanshan Road, the lake also fades away, and the Leifeng Pagoda is tipping out around the corner with the crowd.


Xuxian, Lady White, that time, that love. Is Lady White still locked down under the pagoda? If you have this presumption, we’d say you are getting better with Hangzhou. The pagoda is in very nostalgic construction style. Two upturned horns and pointy top in dark tone. It’s quite different with Gothic style. You know this is different comparing to going to museum and watch them in a solid glass box. A historic building and a beautiful love story, at this moment it seems like an old man talking quietly. Hangzhou is just like a history museum.

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Go forward along the road. You can see large tracts of reeds. Shining silver under the sun, it’s not the same to any other season. The lake is sparkling, like it’s in the moonlight. Maupassant has a story called “in the moonlight”, describing the magic of tender moonlight excited people. That poor priest can never figure out this contradiction. Since God create darkness to let us sleep, the moonlight is much more beautiful than in the daytime, what is the meaning of it?

You maybe didn’t figure that out either. But the view in front is sure for everyone. The embankment on the lake is unique too. The road is slope. Ride down to it with the wind whizzing through your ear and hair; you can hear time passing by and your youth fading behind you.


There are many stores near West Lake Avenue. Such a florescent scene! It’s a very exotic style and overlook the nature across the West Lake water with the modern elements surround you, you don’t even feel abrupt. Maybe that’s why people always compare WestLake to Beauty.

China is developing, and Hangzhou – this mysterious lady is waving to the world.

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