Huqingyutang Pharmacy

Medicine King in south of the Yangtze River – Huqingyutang Pharmacy was founded in 1874 by Hu Xueyan. It’s in Hangzhou’s historical cultural street Qinghefang. And it’s the best preserved late Qing industrial and commercial type ancient buildings and model of Huizhou architectural style. The whole building shape is like a crane, dwelling at the foot of Wu Hill; implying the “longevity”. Magnificent architecture, splendid hall and exquisite carving, as well as its maverick business structure style still remain.


HuqingyutangChineseMedicineMuseum is the only museum in the national Chinese medicine. She was created from the foundation of Huqingyutang ancient buildings. Visitors come here, they can not only see the essence of Chinese medicine treasure, but also observe Huqingyutang ancient buildings style. Chinese medicine museum has a building area of ​​more than four thousand square meters; consists by exhibition halls, Chinese handicraft workshop halls, health care clinics, business offices and medicine restaurants five major components.


Open the historical picture of Huqingyutang’s development, the reason the century old brand can become national key medicine enterprise, it all thanks to its deep business strategy and strict internal management.


The Huqingyutang still kept the ‘SHI NAI REN SHU(是乃仁术)’ four characters written by the founder Hu Xueyan in the gatehouse. It expresses the purpose of Huqingyutang is to save the world and save the people. It reflects that the commendable honesty and righteousness to save lives. For hundreds of years Huqingyutang has borne in mind the teachings of forefathers.


Huqingyutang follow the teaching of forefather while producing medicine. The production is in high quality. So they abide by the belief of true product and true price. The ‘ZHEN BU ER JIA (真不二价)’plaque is still hanging in the medicine hall.



Huqingyutang advocates the Quit Bullying operation. The famous ‘JIE QI (戒欺)’ plaque was written by Hu himself in Qing dynasty. The concept Quit bullying covers all aspects. When applying in business, the most important is the ‘ZHEN BU ER JIA’, which means do business in good faith, being honest to young and old, rich and poor, there can be no adulteration. This is the real foundation of Huqingyutang can run for 120 years.


Huqingyutang Pharmaceutical has very unique skills and saved a group of old recipe. This is a huge wealth of society. Due to the impact of modern technology factors, climate change, environmental pollution and the impact of a strong culture, etc. Huqingyutang tradition is being threatened; some are even in the endangered status. Huqingyutang put a certain amount of manpower and resources to develop a practical plan of protection. Huqingyutang has been listed as national key cultural relic protection units by the State Council.

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