Celebrating the Lantern Festival In Hangzhou

To most of Chinese, the day of the lantern festival is the end of Chinese New Year Festival. The day fell on Feb 14, 2014 which encountered the Western Valentine‘s Day by coincidence. It is the tradition to eat Yuanxiao”元宵”, Glutinous Rice Balls, watch the performance and various lanterns, guess riddles on lantern and see the fireworks. And also it is the last day to enjoy the Spring Festival Holiday.


Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, is a famous ancient city in east of China which well observes the traditional celebrating activities on the Lantern Festival. Every year all of 13 districts and affiliated counties hold the celebrating activities separately which attracts hundreds of thousands local residents to participate.

As the main exhibiting zone of downtown in Hangzhou, the park for Lantern Festival in the West Lake Cultural Square consists of Stage, Central Axis and Circled Area. The Central Axis runs through the bridge from south to north and enters the Square. The red lanterns with various patterns are dotted the whole square. 2014 is the Horse Year in China. The horse-shape lanterns are absolutely the most important element of the festival. Passing by the gate, there is a typical corridor which is made of red lanterns. It gives the participators a great visual conflict. Located in the square center, the Colorful Ball becomes attractive and magical with the illumination of the various spotlights. In the Circled Area, four typical horse-shape lanterns are the highlights. Each lantern expressed a traditional proverb with good wishes. Besides, the sensational Chinese singing and dancing performance are also the most attractive part for the participators and visitors.

Lantern Festival

Lantern 2

Lantern 5

Lantern 3

Wish all of us a happy and lucky year in 2014. Remember that the lucky horse will always be at side.

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  1. Christina Fürstenau says:

    Hi Eric, have you spent the Lantern Festival in Hangzhou? We are thinking about going there by train this weekend from Shanghai, but are worried that the trains will be busy and there won’t be any taxis around the cities. I would appreciate your first hand advice 🙂 Best wishes, Christina

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