Chinese Horse Year

To Chinese people, the lunar New Year is the most important festival in the whole year. It is the reunion day of family in the whole year around. No matter where they are, they will make every effort to go home and celebrate the festival with family. The Chinese Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, will start from Jan 31 and end on Feb 14 in 2014.

Horse Year

Every year, China undergoes the largest movement of human being in the world before the lunar New Year. It is said that over 2000 million Chinese will take public transportation or drive car to visit family, relatives or friends during the festival. For most people, they can enjoy the 7-day holiday with salary. They move from the developed eastern China and return to the developing areas in middle, west and northeast of China. When the spring festival ends, they return from every corner of the country to the large cities in the east of China. The rush costs quite a lot of money. They are also tired of the traffic jam and crowded long queue on the public transportation such as train, bus, air plane or ferry. However, they totally forget the tiredness of long trip the moment that they finally arrive at home and meet with their family.

Horse Year2     Horse Toy

The year is the Horse Year. As one of the most reliable animal of human being, horse is considered to bring good luck, fortune, power to human kind. When someone wants to encourage someone, he would say “Once the horse is ready, you will definitely succeed.” When gentleman makes a promise, he would say ”A promise can not be changed even if he takes four horses! ”. When someone want to praise someone for his good physical condition, he would say ”He looks like the horse and dragon.” In most of China, people usually make paper-cut with horse image and write the couplets to decorate the windows and doors. It is a tradition to stay up all night around the New Year’s Eve and eat dumpling which is considered to get good luck and health in the coming year. On the fifth day of the spring festival, people will celebrate the God of Fortune Day. On last night, they will prepare all the sacrifices to welcome the God of Fortune. It is believed to bring people fortune in the new year. For the flowing week, people are busy in visiting their relatives and celebrating the holiday together.

Anyway, the Horse Year is on the way. All the Chinese people are waiting for the festival. Hope the lucky horse will bring people a good health, fortune and happiness in 2014.

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