Celebrating Christmas Eve In Hangzhou

Nowadays, Christmas Day is more and more popular among the young Chinese. People will celebrate the festival, sending gifts & cards, having Christmas dinner and Singing Christmas Carol and so on. Some people will go to churches to attend the celebration. But it is still not the public holiday in China.

Christmas Eve

2013 Christmas Eve fell on the night of this Tuesday. I also joined in the crowds to celebrate the festival. After the full day work, I went to the downtown of Hangzhou and start to my Christmas tour. I intended to visit the commercial circle (Wulin Square-Yan’an Road) and Churches on Zhongshan Road North. The first of all, I came across the super traffic jam at the place close to the Wulin Square. Although I had foreseen the poor traffic condition, it was still out of my imagination. I had no choice but walk 2 streets to the destination. After 20 minutes walking, I arrived at the first stop, the Wulin Square-Yan’an Road commercial circle. It was 8:00pm and the crowds were in sight in front of the Wulin Intime Shopping mall. The highlights were the White Beauty and Finland Santa. The visitors could have zero-distance with them and take photos. There was a long queue to get the presents from Santa. Though it was quite cold in the night, people still waited for the good luck and gifts. Undoubtedly, kids were the happiest among all.



Then I got through the small lanes and moved towards the second stop. On both sides of the lane, all the restaurants were full of guests. The small lane was almost blocked by the crowds. It was not easy to pass through. After 10 minutes, I arrived at the second stop, Tianshui Protestant Church, which was one of the famous churches in Hangzhou city. The whole church was full of visitors and Christians. They were happy and religious to attend the celebration. It was said that the church was originally built in 1867 A.D. by the American priest and rebuilt in 1874 A.D.



After the church, I went to the last stop for tonight, the Hangzhou Catholic Church. It was only 5 minutes walking from Tianshui Protestant Church. Compared with the Tianshui Church, Hangzhou Catholic Church was much more popular and larger. Outside the church, there were some Christmas settings such as the Santa and model of the birthplace of the Jesus. During the Mess, people extended the best wishes to others even if they didn’t know each other before. After that, a pleasant and meaningful party was held to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Maybe this part was the highlight of the Christmas Eve.


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