Hangzhou Gourmet Map

Hangzhou, one of the most livable cities of China, features the fascinating landscapes, four distinct seasons, numerous cultural relics, friendly people as well as the countless tasty food and snack.

Today, I would like to share my knowledge about the Gourmet of the city with you. Hangzhou cuisine maybe not so famous as the Top 4 Chinese Cuisine (Sichuan Cuisine, Lu cuisine, Canton Cuisine and Jiangsu Cuisine). But it is quite popular among the diners in the south of Yangtze River. It features the fresh raw material, exquisite cooking, various types, rich in nutrition and the perfect combination with fresh and salty material. The great poet Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty reputed,“ The most luxury dinner can only be found in Hangzhou”.

In Hangzhou nowadays, the gourmet can be separated into four types. They are cooked separately by the Hundred-year-old Restaurant, Hangzhou Local Restaurant, Trendy Restaurant and Food Street Restaurant.


Hundred-year-old Restaurant

The food from Hundred-year-old Restaurants is well-known for quite a long time. The restaurants reserve the original taste and business reputation since its establishment. The Blanched West Lake Fish with Vinegar and Dongpo Pork from LouWaiLou Restaurant are the representatives of Hangzhou Cuisine which are famous both at home and abroad.

Recommended Restaurant

Louwailou Restaurant (150 year-old restaurant)


Address: No. 30, Gushan Rd, Xihu District, Hangzhou. (Close to the West Lake)

The specialty: The Blanched West Lake Fish with Vinegar, Dongpo Pork, Beggars Chicken.

Hangzhou Local Restaurant

It features reasonable price, tidy and graceful environment. The restaurants are very popular among the family and groups. You will not only enjoy the tasty Hangzhou Style cuisine but also the impressive dining atmosphere of South of Yangtze River.

Recommended Restaurants

Zuibailou Restaurant
ZuibailouAddress:No. 69, Longjin Road, Maojiapu, Hangzhou.

Feature:Located at the bank of the West Lake, you can enjoy the fascinating lake view when you have the meal.

The Specialty:Braised Pork with Brown Sauce (Family Mao Style)


The Grandma’s Kictchen

ShanhuxiaAddress:No.6 Macheng Road, Xihu District

Feature:Reasonable price, Hangzhou Cuisine

The Specialty:Fried Shrimp, Braised Chicken



Trendy Restaurant

The style, culture and decoration are loved by the young people. Fashion is not just for the clothes but also the food and lifestyle. They are simple, fashionable and special themed.

Recommended Restaurants

Tsing Yi Elements
Qingyi ElementsAddress:No 21,Qingchun Rd, Hangzhou

Feature:Simple, fashionable decoration and setting, reasonable price, tasty vegetarian food.

The specialty:Iron Fish、Spiced Wheat Gluten, Fried Paludina

Linglong Town

Linglong TownAddress: No.198 Nanshan Road, close to West Lake
Feature:Located in a private graceful building, famous for the Taiwan cuisine, distinct plate and cups

The specialty: Boiled Shrimp with pineapple, Sanbei Chicken


Music Kitchen

Add: No. 6, Yangliu Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou
Feature:Close to the West Lake, comfortable setting, tasty food, reasonable price

Specialty:Fried Beef fillet with Mango, Fried Chinese Yam with Bacon,Boneless Chicken

Food Street Restaurants 

The restaurants might be the most popular places for the local Hangzhouese. Various options, affordable price and tasty food are the main reasons for the diners.

Yijiaxian Restaurant

YijiaxianAddress:No 221, Baochu Road,Hangzhou.
Feature:Terrific skill of cutting for the fish, tasty fish




DinggeBrother Ding

Address: No 43, Baochu Road, Hangzhou
Feature: Terrific skill of cutting for the fish
Specialty:Braised Fish with pickled vegetable、Braised Fish with Tomato


Spicy Kitchen of Family Liu
Add:No 116, Baochu Road, Hangzhou
Feature:Sichuan cuisine with Hangzhou Style
Specialty:Smelly Toufu, Braised Fish with pickled vegetable、Beggar Rib

Hefang Food Street

hefang Street

It is a famous pedestrian Ming and Qing Dynasty style street for visitors. You can visit the hundred-year-old stores inclusive of Huqingyutang Pharmacy, Fan Workshop of Family Wang, Wanlong Ham Store. Besides, you can also taste some local snacks, such as the Dingsheng Cake, Smelly Toufu, CongbaoHui. It is worthwhile to spend a couple hours to stroll around.

Jinjiang Seafood Street

jinjiang Seafood StreetLocated close to Haoyouduo Supermarket on Qiutao Road, the street is lined with various restaurants. You will see the countless outdoor tables for the diners. It is definitely a spectacular view for the gourmet.


If you are the foodie, you must not miss the chance to explore the local delicacy in Hangzhou. You might make your stomach completely satisfied with the various local specialty.  Anyway, it is worthwhile for you to experience by yourself.


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