Hangzhou Subway and Life

For the recent years, the transportation system of Hangzhou had been improved quite a lot. Since the first subway was newly completed in Nov 2012, the life style of the local Hangzhouese had been deeply influenced. More and more people take the subway as the main transportation measure.

Metro Line 1a

Firstly, it largely saves the time on road compared with the car or bus. The local people would like take subways to work or catch up the train. The Line 1 Subway links the main part of the city as with Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station. No traffic jam! All ways green lights! Few delays! Awesome! It is the perfect way to avoid the traffic jam. Secondly, it firmly connects the city and life as a whole. People are much easier to reach the shopping malls、restaurants or bars along side of the subways stations than before. Obviously they would like to spend more money for more options. Thirdly, especially for the visitors, it is very easy and convenient to travel around the city and visit the most popular attractions. Such as, Longxiaongqiao Station is the nearest station to West Lake. Ding’an Road Station is close to the historical and cultural street inclusive of the Hefang Street, Gaoyin Street and Wushan Hill. Wulin Square Station is definitely the gateway to the most prosperous commercial circle in Hangzhou where you could spend your time on shopping. Meanwhile it is also the boarding site for boat trip on the Grand Canal. Xianghu Station is the entrance for the fascinating and huge Xianghu Lake which is an ideal place for the weekend escape. And all the sites are available by the subway.

West Lake Autumn

Hangzhou West Lake (Close to  Longxiangqiao Station)

Hefang Street

Hefang Historical Street (Close to Ding’an Road Station)

Wulinmen Square

Wulinmen Square Commercial Circle(Close to Wulin Square Station)

Xianghu Lakea

Xianghu Lake(Close to Xianghu Station)

At present, only the Line 1 Subway is on business. The business time is from 6:20am to 22:04pm. With a total length of 48km, it connects the downtown of Hangzhou, Xiaoshan, Linping and Xiasha District with 31 stations. Every weekday, it will transport an average of 200,000 passengers. The Line 2 is under construction now and the southeastern section will be completed in the end of 2013. Line 1 and the southeastern section consist of the main frame of the network of subway system. The project of the first phase of Line 4, Line 5, Line 6 and Line 7 are planned to start soon. It is said that 10 subways will be completed till 2020. Undoubtedly, the transportation system will be strongly strengthened when the whole subway system is established. Its influence will be improved from the single line to a whole net. It will bring people less traffic jam, more convenient life, less air pollution, more harmonious city and better life!

Metro Line 1

 The Metro Line 1 Map (On business)

Metro Hangzhou Planning MapHangzhou Subway Planning Map( In the future)

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