3 Days Escape Vacation in Xiamen

Nowadays,  the National Day Holiday (Oct 1-Oct 7) has been known as the “Golden Week” in China. For the 7-day holiday, most of Chinese will escape the city to the famous destinations at home or abroad  for vacation or come back home for family visit. You will see the crowds everywhere especially at the air port, railway station, bus station, highway and the scenic areas.

This holiday, I avioded the holiday jam and started my 3 days small vacation in Xiamen from Oct 7 to Oct 9. Xiamen, a fascinating harbor city in south of China, which has been reputed as the “Oriental Hawaii” by former US President, Richard Nixon. You would not only enjoy the fabulous landscape but also its delicious food.
In the evening of Oct 7, we took the flight with Xiamen Airlines from Hangzhou to Xiamen. It took 1 hour and 20 min for the journey. Upon arrival, we found that the airport returned back to the normal statue. No long queues, no crowds. Obviously, I made the correct decision. On the second day, we got up a little later than normal. Then we left our hotel to find a local restaurant for brunch. We had some local Dim sum and Soybean milk. The local Dim sum was quite delicious. It was worthwhile to taste.

After the brunch, we took the bus to the famous ancient South Putuo Buddhist Temple. Originally built in end of Tang Dynasty, the temple was located at Wulao mountains and facing the blue sea. Standing on the pavilion in the temple, we could get a breath-taking overview of the sea and island. Then we walked down the mountain and visited the close-by Xiamen University. As the well-known the Top 10 universities in China, Xiamen University was not only famous for its academic achievements but also for its fascinating landscapes. Actually, Xiamen University was considered as the most beautiful university in China.

After that, we walked down to the nearest beach. We found that the sun came out from the clouds. How lucky we were! The sand was clean and gentle. We could not stop taking off our shoes and rushing towards to the sea. Both of us were excited. It was quite a long time since last vacation on beach. We missed it very much. We spent around one and half hour on the beach, listening the tide sound,enjoying the gentle sea wind and the warm sunshine. After that, we left the beach and took the ferry to Gulangyu Island. After check-in, we strolled along the lanes to find our dinner. When lights on, the small island was very busy. Both sides of the lane were lined with the restaurants, coffee stores, faruite stores and specialty stores. We had several local snacks such as Satay Fried Crab, Wonton and Satay noddles. And Finally, we stopped at the local seafood restaurant and ordered some seafood. Obviously, we ate too too much because we just could not stop it. After dinner, we walked towards the sea beach and enjoyed the beautiful moonlight. It was a good way to explore the charm of the island.

On Oct 9, early in the morning, we were waken up by the shower. We intended to see the sunrise in the morning. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow us to make it. After the shower stopped, we walked to explore more about the island. The Sunlight Rock and Shuzhuang Private Garden were the most popular attractions on the island.
Besides, the hundred-year-old banyan trees and European style villas were also good objects for photographing. We spent the whole morning on the island. You could take the echo car or just walk to discover the island.

The Sunlight Rock


Private Garden


For the 3 days in Xiamen, we spent a pleasant and memorable vacation. No rushing time, no early moring call, just enjoy the leisure time and beautiful scenery. It was really a great vacation.

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