Autumn Boating Around West Lake

Last Saturday morning, on Sep 28, our company planned an memorable boating trip around West Lake. At the end of september, it is the best time to travel around Hangzhou and take the lake cruise. You will not only enjoy the fascinating lake view with mountain reflection but also the comfortable weather. It is worthwhile for you to spend a couple hour for boating as a good way to reduce the work pressure and recharge yourself.



Boating WEST LAKE1



It was cloudy weather with comfortable temperature that day. We arrived at the meeting point around 10 am. We had 11 young people in total and been seperated into 3 teams. Our team had 3 members, all boys. Actually, it was our first time to paddle a boat by ourselves. It was little exciting and nerves. We were supposed to return back 2 hours for lunch.

When boarding on the boat, we could not stop picking up the paddles and starting to head forward. At the very beginging, we did not control the direction very well. We spent much energy but it moved a small distance.We tried to find out the reason by the practice. Finally, we relized that we had to take advantage of the counterforce of the water, kept the same rhythm and angle of the paddles. We acted accordingly and praticed to get used to water. Our boat was swiftly heading for the desitination. All of us were excited and proud of our achievements. Around 11 am we arrived at the famous Mid-Lake Pavilion. The close-by attractions were Lesser Yingzhou Lake and Ruangondun, the Serene Island. We landed on the pavilion and took some photoes for memorey. Standing on the pavilion, you could see the absolutely different scenery from you were on the bank. You could walk around the small islet. Sometimes, you could see the wild birds. We had a short break here and boarded on our boat for our return trip.




For the return trip, it was a little bit difficult because we headed against the current. However, we got the skill and were more experienced than what we did at the beginning.  So we did not feel much tired for the return trip. We finished the return trip with around 45 minutes. All of us could not believe that we succeeded in accomplishing the trip so fast. It was really a memorable weekend morning. We all anticipated the activity next time.

Boating 2

Information for reference.

The cost for boat renting (Paddle the boat by yourself)
30RMB per hour. Maxium capacity 5 pax.

Deposit 300 RMB per boat(The deposit will be refund when you finish the tour)

The cost for leisurely lake cruise with boatman service.
150 RMB per hour. Maxium capacity 4pax.

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