The September Qiantang River Tide

As the masterpiece of the wild nature, the Qian Tang River Tide features for its spectacular tide view, tremendous natural power and long history. People began to visit the natural view as early as Han Dynasty. Gradually, it became the the local tradition. Every year around the Mid-autumnn Day, hundreds of thousands of visitors came to Haining and saw the fantastic natural wonder. Actually, on the first day and middle day of every month in the lunar calender, we can see the tide. However the tide will reach the summit around the Mid-Autumn Day, on August 18 in lunar calendar. And the best two locations are Yanguan and Xiaoshan closeby Hangzhou.

Qiantang River 1


The tide is formed by power of Celestial bodies, the centrifugal effect of earth rotation and the funnel-shaped Hangzhou Bay. With the funnel shape, the river watercourse will rapidly narrow in Kanpu and be raised up so that it suddenly reduce the volume of the riverbed. Large quantities of water has been squeezed into the narrow watercourse. Then the tide is blocked and pushed by the following tide which finally make the tide rising steeply, broken,roaring and spectacular. Besides, in the Sepetember, the southeast wind is very
popular and keeping the same direction with tide which increases the power of the tide as well.

Qiantang River2


It was said that the tide reached the highest summit on Sep 22 and Sep 23 in 2013 between 1pm and 3pm. And the best location was in Yanguan. Hundreds of thousands of visitors came to Yanguan one or two days before to see the spectacular tide. Though the whole sightseeing spot was full of the visitors, they still could not stop rushing to squzze into the crowd and witnessed the exciting moment. You will definitely shocked
by the tremendous powder of nature.

Qiantang River 4


For the transportation to Yanguan, you have to go to Haining firstly and interchange the taxi or bus to Yanguan.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station-Haining

Bulliten express train 15 departures each day. The jounery takes around 45 minutes
07:00am, 07:30am, 08:00am, 10:00am, 10:30am
14:07pm, 14:30pm, 14:40pm, 15:30pm, 17:14pm
18:20pm, 19:52pm, 20:05pm, 20:30pm, 21:25pm


Hangzhou Railway Station or Hangzhou East Raiway Station-Haining
Bulliten express train 13 departures each day. The jounery takes around 20 minutes
07:17am, 09:36am, 09:42am, 10:14am, 11:00am
12:00pm, 14:00pm, 17:00pm, 17:32pm, 18:00pm
19:00pm, 20:32pm, 22:03pm

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