The Mysterious Shangri-la

Shangri-La, a remote and holy land, was a constant hot topic for many generations since it was firstly mentioned by the British Writer James Hilton in his novel, Lost Horizon in 1933. It was said that the book was based on a real story of the experience of an American pilot. During the World War II, he was survived during an air crash and came across the amazing land close to the Tiger-Leaping Valley. The fascinating and breath-taking landcapes and views made the pilot forget the panic. When the war ended, the place was suddenly popular and draw hundards of thouands of visitors. Even nowadays, when people mention it, they are still unable to bear running to the land. It seemed that
everyone has a Shangri-la dream and he would tried to made it in his lifetime if possible.

Shangri-La Valley

Meili Snow Mountain

Napa Lake2

Songzanlin 2

Tiger Leaping 2

Actually, the Shangri-la describled by James did not exsited at all. And even the famous writer had never been to Shangri-la in his lifetime. It was said that James combined various elements together from different places close by Zhongdian.(In 2001, Zhongdian was renamed Shangri-La.) However, it did not affect the passion of the visitors from
all over the world. The visitors travelled around the boundary area between Yunnan,Sichuan and Tibet to find Shangri-la with the guidance of the LOST HORIZON. And properably each visitor will find a different Shangri-la by himself.

Among all the attractions referred to Shangri-la, Haba Snow Mountain, Meri Snow Mountain, Napa Sea、Bita Sea and Songzanlin Monastery are the most popular sites for visitors which are well-known for its natural beauty, grandeur and holiness. And you can find the trail of these attractions from the novel LOST HORIZON.

Haba Snow Mountain

Bita Hai

Shangri-la County is 315 km away from Dali ancient city and 659km from Kunming. There are two recommended routes discover Shangri-la.
Route A Kunming-Shangri-La Airport-Meri Snow Mountain-Shangri-la County-Kunming (8 days)
Route B Kunming-Dali-lijiang-Tiger Leaping Valley-Shangri-la County-Meri Snow Mountain-Cizhong-Weixi-Dali-Kunming (14 days).

At present, there are non-stop flights from 3 cities to Shangri-la inclusive of Kunming,Chengdu and Lhasa. And we advise that you can depart from Chengdu and Kunming where you have more options for the flights.

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