2013 Chinaabsolutetours Summer Outing

Last Saturday, a cool cloudy day, was a happy day for our staffs of China Absolute Tours International, Inc. As our summer outing, we headed for the famous Qiandao Lake, which was considered as the “The Backyard Garden of Hangzhou”.

Qiandao Lake is about 2.5 drive hours from downtown of Hangzhou. Located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang province,Qiandao Lake was formed after the completion of the Great Xin’an River Hydroelectric Station in 1959. For this giant project, more than 300,000 people were immigrated out from their hometown to the close-by province.1078 large islands dot the lake and a few thousand smaller ones are scattered across it.The lake covers an area of 573 sq.km. It features the clean waters, fresh air,tasty fish, fascinating lake views.Yet it is an ideal getaway for hot summer in Hangzhou. At preset, there are a lot of luxury hotels and resorts close-by Qiandao lake. Every summer days in July and August, the lakes draws large quantities of urbanite for vacation and sightseeing.

We left Hangzhou around 9:00 am and arrived at the Chun’an County around 11:30am. We were quite lucky for the sunny day in Chun’an County. Upon arrival, we enjoyed the local specilty for lunch. And the restaurant was located in a typical and wooden house. After that, we were transferred to our hotel. It was a new,beautiful hotel with modern facilities and nice lake view. This afternoon, we drove about 1.5 hours from the county to take an exciting river floating. It was newly developed program for the tourists to enjoy the wild nature. During the trip, we were wet but pleasant. Sometimes, we played the water war between the two boats. Sometimes, we sung a happy sang to entertain ourselves. It definitely deserved you to join and cool yourself in the hot summer.After that, we drove back to the downtown. For dinner, we enjoyed the tasty fish soup as well as some local specialty.

Another highlight of today was the night show, The Spirit of Water. It was an interesting performance combining the history, sagas, dancing, acrobatic with modern facilities. In a word, the show helped you get more knowledge about the Qiandao Lake and the local residents.


On Sunday morning, we were transported to the dock and take a leiurely boat trip on the vast lake. It was a little hot when we boarded on the ferry. However, when the ferry moved, the fresh and cool wind blew from both side. Moreover, we could not stop shooting the fascinating lake views. The the bule sky, white floating clouds, clean waters and countless hills made up a grand real Chinese painting. All of us were amazed by the beautiful scenery. Then we landed on 3 different themed islands. Plum Islet was famous for the observation platform to enjoy a overview of the lake. Yule Islet was for the exciting water activities. The last one was for the Memorial Hall for Hairui, a former governor of Chun’an County in Ming Dynasty, who was famous for his personality of honesty and uprightness. The lunch was basic Chinese food.The whole journey lasted about 4.5 hours.

After that, we drove back to Hangzhou. End the pleasant weekends in the beautiful Qiandao Lake.

It is said that professional divers nowadays might dive to explore the underwater ancient cities which were submerged by waters in 1959. It is a definitely cool and exciting way to know the place better.
Tips for reference
*Shanghai-Qiandao Lake
Shanghai South Bus Station-Qiandao Lake
Two departures for each day
8:14am, 2:25pm
Qiandao Lake-Shanghai South Bus Station
Two departures for each day
7:25am, 1:50pm

*Hangzhou-Qiandao Lake
Hangzhou West Bus Station- Qiandaohu Bus Station
5:40am-6:50pm half hour for each schedule

Private Car
* Shanghai-Qiandao Lake
4.5-5 hours
* Hangzhou-Qiandao Lake
2.5 Hours

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