Tibetan Shoton Festival

In the August every year, the Tibetan people celebrate their traditional and grand Shoton
Festival which has rooted deeply into many generations of Tibetan People. The festival is
considered as one of the most important festivals among the whole nation.


Shoton Festival, means “Yoghurt Banquet” in Tibetan language, which features eating
yoghurt. It dated back to Middle 11th century and was an absolutely religious activity for
the Tibetan Lamas. Gradually, it turned to be a traditional custom and public holiday for
all Tibetans. The activity centre is desginated at Norbulingka in the west of Lhasa which
was the former summber resort for the Tibetan leader Dailai Lama.

During the period, you have the chance to see the tradtional and marvelous Tibetan
activities. As the opening ceremony of the festival, displaying the Buddha draws thousands
of Tibetan Lamas, believers and visitors to attend every year. You are definately shocked by the grand scene and astmosphere.The interesting Yak Racing and Horsemanship performance are also the highlights of the festival which make the festival exciting and attractive. Besides, the Tibetan tasty specialty is also the good reason for you to join in the Sholton Festival.



The exact time to hold the festival is subject to the Tibetan lunar calendar. It falls on
6th, August and ends on 12th, Augest in 2013. It is the best time to explore this mysterious highland and understand their religion, history and culture.

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