The Last Ancient Town on Tea-Horse Ancient Road-Shaxi

Shaxi ancient , a stunning pearl on the Tea-Horse Ancient Road, locates at southeast of Dali,  Yun nan province and the southeast of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Nature Preservation Zone in southwestern China.

old theater stage

As an ancient town, the history of Shaxi dates back to 2400 year ago in the Spring and Autumn Period in ancient China. It became the important link between Tang Dynasty and ancient kingdoms in Tibet. It played a positive role on the Tea-Horse Ancient Road and was prosperous for quite a long time in the ancient time. Sifang street was the town center as well as the venue for trading. Each side of the stone flagging street was lined with stores, temple, restaurants, theater house and so on. Three slender lanes link the town as a whole one. The two hundred-year-old locust trees witness the history and changes of the ancient town. At present, the town is freely opened to the public.            

temple in the town

local people

town surroundings

Nowadays, the transportation is not very convenient for foreign tourists. You should take the bus from Dali to Jianchuan (130km) and inter-change a small van from Jianchuan bus station to Shaxi town (31km).Or you can rent a private car in Dali.

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  1. Sam Duan says:

    We love your photos! Please come say hi to us at Old Theatre Inn on your next trip through Shaxi. We have recently renovated all our 200 year-old guestrooms, making them sound proof and winterized for Shaxi’s cold nights. Cheers!
    Sam and Chris

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