Ancient Hui-Hang Caravan Trail

This trekking trail, locating at the boundary of Anhui and Zhejiang province in eastern China, is considered as the third ancient road after the famous Silk Road and the tea-horse ancient road in southwestern China. With a total length of 25km, it starts from Fuling town, Jixi county, Anhui province and ends at Maxiao town, Lin an city, Zhejiang province. It was said that the road was originally built in Tang dynasty. It was an important commercial and communication link for businessman between Huizhou and Hangzhou in the past. The local mountain products, like tea, nuts, salt and so on, was transported via the path from the mountain areas to the large cities in the rich eastern China.

Hui-Hang Ancient trail

Hui-Hang Ancient trail

With the development of transportation and economy, the ancient road has been gradually forgotten by people and lost in the mountains as most ancient prosperous commercial paths in China. However, it has been popular among backpackers in China for the recent period. More and more people from thousand miles away escape from the noisy cities and rush for its tranquil and beauty which brings the vitality to the ancient trail. It  deserves you to trek for a couple days in summer.

Hui-Hang A

Hui-Hang A

Hui-hang B


Hui-hang d

For the transportation to the place, you can firstly arrive at Huangshan city by air or train and then rent a car from the local travel agency to get the beginning site.

It is close to the well-known Yellow Mountain as well as the hometown of the former Chairman Hu of People of Republic of China. If you want to travel the close-by area as well, the following links maybe help you.

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7 Responses to Ancient Hui-Hang Caravan Trail

  1. Gary says:

    I would like to spend 2 days walking the Hui Hang in April this year, 2014, starting at the Mayao Town end and finishing in Fuling Town.
    How long is the walk ?
    Are there guest houses to stay at along the way ?
    How do I get to the start of the trail from Hangzhou ?
    I will be on my own but would consider joining a group if there is one.
    I would then like to travel from Fuling to Huangshan is this easy to do ?

    • Eric says:

      Hi Gary, thanks for and your comments.
      I have been to the place before. If you start at Maxiao Town end Fuling Town, it takes around 3.5-4 hours. If you start from Fuling and end on Maxiao Town, it takes around 5-5.5 hours.

      As to the guest houses on the way, there are some guest houses both upon the mountain and on the feet of the mountain.

      To reach the starting point Maxiao Town, you have to rent a private car for the transportation. From Fuling to Huangshan city or Yellow Mountain, it is not easy to get the public transportation in the small town deep in the Anhui Province. So you still have to rent a private car. Hope the information helps you.

      At present, we do not have the departure for group in April, So if you want to take the trip, we can make you a private tour.

      • Gary says:

        Hi Eric

        Thanks for your reply. It seems a lot of trouble to rent a car just for me to do a private tour. I will try to contact some hiking clubs in Hangzhou and see if anyone is happy to put a group together.

        Do you know if there is a bus from Hangzhou to Maxiao town ? Maye I will just head in that direction and see where I end up.


        • eric says:

          Hi Gary,

          That’s a good choice. The hiking clubs will have some plans for the route.

          For the bus to Maxiao Town, you have to reach Lin’an City firstly and then interchange to Maxiao Town. We do not suggest that you take bus to the site if you do not speak Chinese. Communication will be a big problem.
          You can both start from Maxiao Town or Fuling for the hiking route. Hope it helps.

  2. margarete says:

    I have tried in vain to find a hiking club doing this trip but can’t
    we are a family of four on holiday in China this July and can either do it from Hangzhou or Huangshan end.Do you have any suggestions on who to contact who could guide us please? Interested in a two day hike.Thanks

  3. Ginny says:

    What is the mileage end to end?

    What is the starting, ending and highest altitude?

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