Hangzhou Xixi Flower Festival

Hangzhou Xixi Flower Festival is a great banquet of flowers. As a revival of aHangzhoutradition that dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), the festival attracts many tourists both from home and abroad every year.

With the approaching of the spring, Hangzhou Xixi Flower Festival will open from April 10th to May 15th in the Westland Park this year. It is the third time for Westland Park to stage such a festival.

In order to prepare for the coming Xixi Westland Park, the administration department   has elaborately arranged four major spots on the theme of beauty and happiness: the Green Causeway, Fu Causeway, East entrance of the Westland and the main entrance of Zhou Village. Specially, the Green Causeway will present nine flower exhibition area displaying flower categories including lilies, lavenders, rape flower, peonies, rare flower, and crabapple flower. Visitors will have the chance to appreciate more than 550 kinds of flowers during the entire festival.

 April 10th at the East Gate Square of Westland Park. During this ceremony, visitors will enjoy a chanting of a prose about flowers as well as some exquisite performances, such as Suzhou pingtan (a means of story-telling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect), exotic dancing and interesting plays for children. Meanwhile, nearly 100 happy couples will join in a grand wedding integrating Eastern and Western cultural style in Green Causeway and Yanshui Fishing Village.

Also, visitors and citizens will see colorful flower walls decorating along three roads—Tianmu Mountain Road, Zijingang Road and West Wensan Road. All these three sections have different themes. Take Tianmu Mountain Road for example, organizers will add corn poppy, chamaemelum nobile, California poppy and many other plants on the basis of abundant of seasonal flowers to enhance the visual effect that flowers flowing with the wind welcome all the visitors.



More details about Xixi National Wetland Park. http://www.absolutechinatours.com/Hangzhou-attractions/The-Xixi-National-Wetland-Park.html


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